Sunday, August 12

Revel in the new releases from Revell this month

Revell of Germany have lots of exciting new releases to tempt us over the next few months – from all – and I mean ALL – genres of modelling they have provided us with new and old – and re-tooled models of ships, planes, cars and trucks and military aircraft and vehicles – there is sure to be something to tempt even the most picky modellers in amongst us! Read on to be tempted.


The Battlestar Galactica is on its last flight to the museum when the crew hear of the attack by the generic Cylons. In this second Cylon War it can no longer intervene in the destruction of the 12 colony planets so it guards the convoy of civil space ships of various types with over 40,000 refugees on board...

Model of the Galactica from the series shown in 2003.
Item no. 04987
Scale 1:4105

Colonial Viper Mk. II

The Viper fighter was built long before the first Cylon war. Its successor the Mk. II formed the backbone of the colonial defence fleet. This fighter, which can also fly in planetary atmospheres, is stationed on the Battlestar. The Mark...

Model of the Galactica from the series shown in 2003.
Item no. 04988
Scale 1:32

Colonial Viper Mk. VII

Over the years the Viper Mk. II underwent further development. This involved modifications to its appearance and armament, but previous external features such as the lon nose, centrally mounted cockpit and relatively small wings were retained...

Model of the Galactica from the series shown in 2003.
Item no. 04989
Scale 1:32

MQ-9 Reaper

The MQ-9 Reaper - an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Drone - is produced by theU.S. General Atomics company. Based on the MQ-1 Predator (that's why it was initially known as the Predator B) it is however much larger. Propulsion comes from a turboprop engine delivering 900 shaft horsepower (670 kW).
Item no. 04865
Scale 1:48

USS New York

Shortly after the terrorist attacks on 11th September 2001 in the USA, the Governor of New York wrote a letter to the then Secretary of the Navy, in which he asked for a surface warship to be used in the War against Terror, to be called after the US Federal State of New York...
Item no. 05118
Scale 1:350

F/A-18E Super Hornet Twinseater

The new F/A-18E Super Hornet is the most advanced combat and fighter aircraft in the U.S. Navy, replacing the F-14 and the F/A-18 C.
Item no. 04864
Scale 1:72

Brückenlegepanzer Biber & Dingo
The Biber (Beaver) tracked bridge layer was introduced into the German Army in 1973. This horizontally laid cantilevered bridge offered the advantage over the previous system (scissors or bascule) of a flat silhouette.
Item no. 03192
Scale 1:72
Space Shuttle & Boeing 747

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA operates two Boeing 747-100 as Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA).
Item no. 04863
Scale 1:144

Space Shuttle & Boeing 747
The Type II was a class of small single-hulled German navy submarines that were mainly used for coastal patrols in the North Sea and the Baltic.
Item no. 05115
Scale 1:144

Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution
Item no. 07133
Scale 1:32
Item no. 07080
Scale 1:24
1969 Camaro Z/28 RS
Item no.07081
Scale 1:25

H.M.S. Tiger
Item no. 05116
Scale 1:700
German Heavy Cruiser ADMIRAL HIPPER
Item no. 05117
Scale 1:720
Cromwell Mk. IV
Item no. 03191
Scale 1:72

German Truck V3000S (1941)
Item no. 03234
Scale 1:35
German Staff Car
Item no. 03235
Scale 1:35
Airbus A320 Turkish Airlines
Picture: © Davide Olivati
Item no. 04861
Scale 1:144

Boeing 737-800 TUIfly
Item no. 04862
Scale 1:144
P-47N Thunderbolt
Item no. 04867
Scale 1:48
P-39D Airacobra
Picture: © Bill Coffman - Spitfire Studio
Item no. 04868
Scale 1:32
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