Thursday, September 27

Fisher Models F4D-1 Skyray 1/32 is almost here

Fisher Model & Pattern from the USA have shown off more pictures of their resin 1/32 F4D-1 Skyray – one of the earlier fighters the at served with the US Navy, then the Marines in the fifties and early sixties. This early interceptor was a record breaker and well regarded interceptor until more capable ( but not anymore beautiful) fighters of the sixties took it's crown. Now we have pictures of the completed kit - due in the next month or so this is looking like a stunning kit to add to your stash - or your diplay shelf if you actually like to build models!

The Skyray is now completed and we have some shots to show you - adding on to the earlier shots we have of some of the smaller parts and the original shots of the "inspiration." here we go with the shots of the completed kit.
The kit is in the final phase just before sale, already and we have the details of the  marking choices for you as well

– we will keep you updated as the EXACTrelease date of the kit as soon as we know more. Here are a few more nice shots of the smaller sum of parts of the kit – I  for one am excited!
The kit includes drop tanks, rocket pods and two Sidewinder missiles, as well as a superbly rendered cockpit.

The kit is engineered for an easy build, with thin sections at the wing-fold line to allow the builder to fold the wings if desired. Separate leading edge slats, highly detailed landing gear and wheel-wells, and tail-pipe. Full depth seamless intake trunks and positionable control surfaces are provided too.

The lovely landing gear looks very delicate whilst sharp in detail
 Decals for the gorgeous VFAW-3 ship, and VF-74 as well as full stencil data are included, a separate Marines decal set is in progress. Kits will be shipping soon, you can pre-order now if you wish.This kit is a must-have for the Navair builder or collector, and makes the perfect companion to our earlier Panthers Cougars and Cutlass.

The main gear and doors are equally impressive as the rest of the gear

The instrument panel and the canopy you see it through give a very impressive view of the great detail made by fisher here
Now for your inspiration - as if you need any more!
Fisher has come up with another amazing kit - you can now pre-order this kit from their site - KitNo.3211 Douglas F4D-1 Skyray.$259.95 +P&P Check out their site to see more of their great work