Sunday, September 30

Kittyhawk to release F-35"A" version & Mirage F-1 A/B in 1/48th

We have just received some (scant news) on two new releases from Kittyhawk Models – A new addition to the F-35 family in the “A” model – and the incoming release of the Mirage F-1 A and two seater B models – due in October – click on our preview for the shots…
First the F-35A I have already heard of people trying to convert their jump jet version – well no need to worry as Kittyhawk have sprung a little surprise on you all.
The colour options… these are the Airforce versions (CTOL) Conventional Take Off and Landing. The Air Force's F-35A version of the craft is to replace the F- 16 Falcon and A-10 Thunderbolt II. It will partner with the F-22 Raptor.
F-35 AF-01 – the first variant of the USAF
F-35 AF-06

More as it surfaces but we do know it is in 48th scale and coming sooner rather than later –

The other exciting thing that has surfaced is the announcement of the sure to be popular Mirage F-1 in 1/48th - in one seater and two seater variants! We have the CAD shots but nothing else yet.

And some detail shots in close up...

And the wide range of armament this aircraft carried as it was used by so many airforces around the world make this a great kit choice

Both will be both this year (most probably) and will be available thru the usual outlets you get Kittyhawk kits from in your area..

More as soon as we know with a lot more information - till then have lovely week!