Monday, December 31

Meng’s merciless schedule keeps going – now for a heavy French howitzer in 1/35th

Hot on the heels of the Mine-sweeping Merkava we get newly released details from Meng of their latest kit in 1/35th scale – the TS-004 1/35 AUF1 155mm Self-propelled Howitzer which impressed us so much at the Carousel in Samur this year – let’s see what their kit has in store for us!

The AUF1 155mm self-propelled howitzer from the French Army greatly impressed us when we clocked eyes on it in the flesh this year on our trip to the Tank Museum in Samur France. The base of a AMX30 Main Battle tank – already modelled by Meng is a good start – but the massive box like structure on top to hold the large gun (complete with auto-loading gun that fires 8 RPM) and it’s crew, reminded us of an elephant or a Rhino – massive and business-like in appearance – it is truly a monster – but moved like any other of the vehicles on display.
Meng’s new model features include open/closed turret hatches, a detailed internal structure, workable track links and detail parts in Photo-Etched metal.
This model will be available soon – until then Meng have a great website and a few other rather nice kits for you to check out …