Tuesday, January 1

A chip off the ol’ block for 2013… AK Interactive's new "Chipping" Magazine

Just when you thought everything was new for 2013 -  AK Interactive remind us of how much we all like to dirty everything up in their latest quarterly magazine – this time called “Chipping” let’s look at it in our preview..
The Weathering Magazine is a specialized publication designed for modellers of all skill levels and subjects. Each issue delivers the most advanced weathering techniques and the related products used to achieve incredible results. Each issue will address in depth a specific topic to help us focus throughout the weathering process – following “Rust” and “Dust”,  AK Interactive now bring us their latest mag – inspired by Miguel Jimenez they bring us…
Issue number three of AK Interactive’s quarterly magazine will feature in-depth the weathering effect known as Chipping. With the help of a wide range of products and the latest painting techniques, such as sponge, salt, specialist chipping products, brush, and masking fluids.
As always these techniques will be demonstrated by some of the most talented modellers from around the world.
 This issue will explain these effects on a diverse range of modelling subjects, from accessories for figures to science-fiction and from old wooden horse-drawn carts to modern 'big-rig' trucks and construction machines and of course a selection military vehicles and aircraft.
As always the beautiful Akatsya will escort us through the features. The Weathering Magazine is the perfect painting reference source to collect and create the most comprehensive guide worthy of adding to any modelling reference library. If you enjoyed FAQ2 then you will love this magazine
Now for sale in printed form as well as digitally compatible with your tablet and phones! with 24 extra pages in this issue - look it up - or even subscribe for a cheaper deal at http://www.ak-interactive.com/