Saturday, January 12

Meng's heavy hitter comes out firing....

Having only just released details of their new model of the French built AUF1 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer MENG now have a built up version for us with all of the details shown in this excellent build – read on in our preview..
AUF1 155mm Self-propelled Howitzer is a heavy ground weapon developed by French Industries or Groupement des Industries de l'Armée de Terre (GIAT) in the 1970’s. It is based on modified chassis of AMX-30B MBT and equipped with a 155mm 39-caliber gun with an auto-loading system. It is also equipped with a roof-mounted 12.7mm anti-aircraft gun. They were used by French Army and also exported to Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Iraq used this howitzer against Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. It was also used as French Army’s main equipment during peacekeeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992.
1/35 scale plastic model kits of French AUF1 155mm Self-propelled Howitzer, with a length of 293mm and a width of 90mm. The model accurately realized the interior construction of the turret. Hatches of turret can be built open or closed. Torsion bar suspension and running gear parts of chassis are movable by inheriting the original design of AMX-30B MBT. The specially designed PE parts and track assembly tool bring more convenience to the modeling process.

The Powerful AUF1 Is Perfectly Modeled And Its Uniquely Shaped Polygonal Turret Is Beautifully Reproduced, Showing Majestic Appearance Of The Real Howitzer.
A Variety Of Equipment On Front Glacis Plate Are Reproduced As Real Ones And Large And Unique Head Lights Are Realistically Represented.
Engine Deck Is Richly Detailed; All Tools And Equipment On Rear Hull Are Exactly Reproduced; Engine Radiator Grille Is Delicate And Detailed.
Extremely Characteristic Gun Recoil System Is Precisely Represented With Realistic And Attractive Structure.
Equipment And Control Panel Inside Turret Are Exactly Reproduced.
Delicately Reproduced Large Ammunition Racks Represent The Greatest Feature Of Self-Propelled Howitzers. A Variety Of Ammunition Provided Give More Options For Dioramas.
Realistic Torsion Bar System Helps The Model To Run Across Rugged Surface Like The Real Tank.
Finely Designed Painting Mask Makes Painting Of Wheels And Tracks Easier And More Interesting.
The Kit Contains Green, Brown And Clear Sprues, A Decal Sheet, A PE Sheet As Well As A Painting Mask.
This large tank and all of it’s kit brethren are available from the distributors on MENG’S Website