Sunday, January 13

New figures “in progress” from MasterBox – mining an un-tapped market.

Masterbox have tapped a vein - In addition to the latest WWII 1/32 figures of German aircrew from Ukraine model makers MasterBox we have some new RAF figures in 1/32nd scale– as well as some WWI soldier figures in 1/35th in their “in progress” section…

Usually Masterbox are quick to announce these items but judging by their constant output I don't blame them for taking it easy!

Their latest figure sets:

35158 – will contain six figures – two of which are British “Tommies” who are escorting their four German soldiers as prisoners away from the battle of the Somme in 1916.
I suppose you could mar the carried soldier British if you wanted too – with the Germans carrying him for their trouble. It is wonderful to see MasterBox taking on WWI figures – an untapped market if ever there was one in Injection moulded kits.

The three RAF fliers are doing some feverish “plane hands” – or maybe “vogue-ing” I don't know – but one is describing the aerial battle to his two comrades who look very happy to hear the story. All are in “Mae West” floatation devices so I would say they are Battle of Britain pilots – though these can be left off by the looks of the construction so they COULD be posed as continentally based RAF pilots later on in the war.
These will match the Luftwaffe kit in 1/32 we noted to you earlier  on in our news..

I don't care I am just happy to have more injection moulded Aircraftmen in 1/32 and more injection moulded WWI figures.

More information on all of these when they surface.. Till then have a lovely weekend!