Saturday, February 16

Add On Parts Spare Panther "Late" wheels reviewed

Got a busted rim? Need a new wheel for that old Panther you have on blocks in the garage – well AddOn Parts has just the thing for you – we review them and paint them up..

AddOn Parts
Set contains two wheels in resin for the Panther tank
Available directly at this link

Lots of stuff – that is what many people want on their armour models – to try and tell their apart from everyone else’s we litter the decks and turrets with extra kit and stowage – and for a while I didn’t see a Panther modelled without at least one wheel strapped to the side of the turret. The German Panther tank used 8 outer road wheels (four on each side) – so some spares were often carried and used as spare armour on tanks.The thing is – most kits do not give you a spare wheel or two to use – and the ones that do – well the quality is only as good as the wheels on the kit….
Many aftermarket companies have their own version of this product on the market – but we will examine AddOn Parts kit of the late wheel type for the Panther
This small pack contained two wheels moulded in medium grey resin. Both with small casting blocks attached ot the bottoms. The resin I found was easy to work and separated with just the use of my snips and some scalpel work to clean up afterwards.
The resin itself isn’t too smelly and although the wheels look great there is a pit or two on the wheel surface that is only really noticeable if you look for it. The bolt holes in the wheel must be hollowed out and I used a needle to make short work of them. There is also need to hollow out the axle hole but this – like the bolt holes is an easy job with a scalpel.
The wheels themselves took to paint very well – I went straight onto the resin with Vallejo Acrylics and no undercoat even used. The paint stuck down well and hasn’t looked like coming off no matter how many times I chucked them into the box I had them sitting in.
After a quick tidy up - some panzer yellow and grey fro the rubber they looked very good
I can see these either sitting loose on your tank’s deck or turret – or sitting around a diorama in a workshop. A great set and cost effective if you need wheels for your panther well they must be considered!

Adam Norenberg

Thanks to AddOn Parts for sending he wheels for us to have a play with!