Sunday, February 17

Didnt see your Romeo for Valentine's day? they were busy making this month's releases

Romeo Models have released two very attractive figures this month – to further add to their cannon of excellent models they have a flashy looking Turcoman Cavalryman and a bedraggled Italian Alpine solder looking in desperate need for a break. We have some nice pictures for you in our preview…

Title: Alpine Division Pusteria - Ethiopia 1935

Item: RM WW - 03
Scale: 1/35
Painted & sculpted by: Stefano D’Antoni
The 5th Alpini Division Pusteria was a light Infantry division of the Italian Army, specializing in Mountain Combat. The Alpini are a mountain infantry corps of the Italian Army, that distinguished itself in combat during World War I and World War II. The division was formed in 1935.
The 5 Alpini Division Pusteria was dispatched in 1935 to Eritrea were it participated in the Italian attack on Abyssinia. The division played a primary role in the Battle of Amba Aradam and the Battle of Maychew. This soldier is pictured in the heat of the Abyssinian campaign, he carries a large pick on his shoulder with several packs on top of his dusty uniform. The figure really gives the heat and work weary soldier that look that soldiers who have to not just live in the desert but fight as well posses.

Turcoman Cavalryman , mid - 15th Century

Item: RM 75-31
Scale: 75 mm.
Sculptor: Gianni La Rocca
Painter: Andrea Terzolo
The terms "Turkmen" and "Turcoman" were often used as a designation for the Muslim-Oghuz Turks (Azerbaijanis, Turks of Turkey, Central Asian Turks) in periods of history although other Turkic factions described as Turks (Kumans, Khazars, Uyghurs, etc.), and the ethnic name that the modern Turkmens of Central Asia use to designate their nationality was formed later.

A kilij (from Turkish kılıç, literally "a sword”)  is worn on this cavalryman’s hip whilst he also carries a beautiful bow and quiver full o farrows. The large shield on this Turkoman’s back has an ornate pattern which only matches the rest of his garb in ornate detail. Whilst his garb covers light armour he wears steel braces, helmet and leggings with a mail suit – I wouldn’t like to be his horse!!

These figures are both available this month from Romeo Models directly.