Friday, May 3

Andrea Press takes a very detailed look at the artefacts of the Luftwaffe in their latest opus..

Following in the footsteps of their amazing title on the artefacts of the SS we looked at earlier  Andrea Press have a new book to tempt historians – uniform freaks and ohh – yes anyone interested in the Luftwaffe! We have some info for you along with some sample pages in our preview…

A comprehensive study of flight uniforms and equipment used by the Luftwaffe personnel between 1935 and 1945.
- Deluxe Edition
- Hardcover
- 360 pages
- English Language

At the beginning of World War II, Plane for plane the German Luftwaffe was the most powerful air force in the world, achieving victory after victory in support of the German army. However, when the other great powers rose to fight Hitler and as the resources stretched to breaking point, the supremacy of the German air force began to decline. German industry could hardly match the heights of Allied aircraft production. However, while they “flew to the death", the Luftwaffe pilots continued writing the story of heroism and innovation to the end of the war. Through the pages of this book we also learn from the experiences of these pilots. Although unfortunately these men served an obscure cause, their achievements cannot be denied.

This tome covers the effects made by and for Hitler’s Luftwaffe staff from 1935-1945. From their uniforms and flight service gear and combat equipment are brought together in this stunning collection of original artefacts. Each artefact is photographed in detail and is presented in high quality photographs and full colour accompanied by an explanatory text. Over 150 high quality photographs, some of them published for the first time. The book is divided into four parts: The first contains a brief historical introduction with the basic organization of the Luftwaffe. The second part is dedicated to service and service uniforms, while flight uniforms, equipment and weapons appear in the third part. The book concludes with an essay on the men behind the machine and includes the German pilots story told through his decorations and documents

This book is on sale now – we will have it for review soon so we can give you a better feel for what’s in store for you – if it is anything like it’s sister publication then you are in for a treat!

Check out the Andrea Press site to order yours.