Friday, May 3

How’s your Japanese? Tamiya will need you to learn fast!

Tamiya have just released a little bit of a preview discussion about their latest bunch of kits – what took our notice was the preview info about the new 1/32 scale F4-U “birdcage” Corsair…(having fluent Japanese is a bonus here)
Fresh from their “ustream,tv” account where they share a lot of videos about upcoming products Tamiya have given away some information about their new big Corsair. After a while of thinking “it’s a bit small and under detailed for 1/32! They bring out the CAD drawings and top down profile of their new fighter ..

The video on the F4-U goes from about 16 minute mark to the 23 minute mark
Model Details:
- A huge propeller diameter of approximately 4m (scaled down to 1/32 of course) to fully take advantage of that power and its high-output engine 2000 horsepower class,

- A lot of the windshield frame, called the first production of type `and` Bird Cage is a feature of the U.S. F4U-1, Modelled on the basis of actual in-depth interviews with five of the Canadian Aviation Museum.

- Precise finish feeling also P & W R-2800 engine.Engine cowl can be removed even after assembly.
Here are the CAD files in a larger format if you hadn't already seen them..

Anyway we will post more as we see It – we thought even though this is in Japanese there will still be many modellers interested in seeing it!