Tuesday, May 7

Barracuda Studios want to dress up the Cowl of your Owl.... and new heels on your wheels

Barracuda Studios – Proud purveyor of some fine resin, decals and books for the modeller – well they have hit a bit of a rich vein recently, with their ME 262 wheels and P-47 gear, their spitfire add-ons, they are certainly giving modellers what they want. Their latest sets are the new Diamond tread wheels and Open cowls for the Revell and ZM kits of the Heinkel He-219. They look well worth the adding on!
Barracuda Studios is proud to announce the release of 2 new products for the He-219 Uhu in 1/32nd scale. Both are designed for the new Revell kit, but the wheel set will certainly work for the forthcoming Zoukei-Mura kit and even the vac kit if you relish the thrill of scratchbuilding!

The new products are up now on the Barracuda Studios website, and ready to be ordered. Shipment will begin on Monday, May 13th.

This set consists of 4 superbly accurate and detailed resin mainwheels with authentic diamond tread that even replicates the narrower centre row of diamonds. Wheels also feature fine raised tire beads and extremely fine raised tire size information. This set also features separate pressure fittings and pre-painted black wire to simulate the brake lines that are common on many larger Luftwaffe wheels. Wheels are molded in one piece to avoid the fit problems sometimes found on multi-part resin wheels. This set will work equally well on the 1/32 Revell He-219 and the Zoukei Mura He-219. Full colour illustrated instructions guide you through installation.

A pair of beautifully detailed open engine cowl flaps and two accurate one-piece radiator units, complete with plumbing and actuator mounting ring are contained in this set. A full set of cowl flap actuator rods with spares are also included. When installed, the open flaps reveal the detailed radiator beneath, along with the detailed inside surfaces of the flaps and the actuator rods, making for a visually interesting and different look for your Uhu. Full colour instructions show clearly the simple installation procedure.
These two sets will add a lot of visual interest to your He 219 model. We think you will find these new parts to be both fun and easy to install. Of course, we might be a tad biased!

These are able to be purchased at the Barracuda Studios website..