Tuesday, May 7

Sang Eon's Stalingrad 6th Army soldier bust preview...

Sang Eon Lee has a new bust in 1/10th scale for release thru his company Life Miniatures. This time we are going German and WWII – to be precise the 6th army in Stalingrad….
Life miniatures May Preview

LM-B006 German 6th Army, Stalingrad 1942

Sculpted by Ju-Won Jung
Painted by Sang-Eon Lee
This figure was heavily influenced by such movies as  'Cross of iron' and 'Stalingrad' where you see young fresh faced German infantrymen become battered shelves of themselves fighting against the Russians on the Eastern front.
Also we think by this picture of German infantrymen advancing into Stalingrad in the start of the battle. Summer time - these soldiers were well groomed with undercut haircuts and though they looked tired and weather beaten and a little dirty they were not aware of the horrors that were to beset them in that battle, I believe this is the period that the soldier of the 6th army was taken from.
The bust is of a young German Infantryman of the 6th army wearing glasses and with the overseas cap on his shoulder through the epaulet – his M41 helmet is clasped in his right hand side webbing ammo pockets for his K.98 rifle (strapped around his shoulder.)
He carries a Potato Masher stick grenade in his standard issue all ranks infantryman’s belt. The way his webbing pinches his clothes looks very nice and the cap in the shoulder and the scarf to protect from dust are great for painting and weathering prospects.

Here he is painted up by Sang Eon Lee

This figure is now available through Life Miniature’s Distributors and you can keep up to date with Sang Eon’s work by checking his Facebook site.