Saturday, May 18

Masterbox have just made us three times happier..

MasterBox from the Ukraine has sent us the pics of their three latest kits just gone on sale and we thought you would want to see them ASAP as people have been really anticipating these – Multipose passengers, A desperate defence and some 1/32 Luftwaffe figures will prick up a lot of modellers attention!

MasterBox May 2013 releases
This long awaited set continues the series of kits with Pilots in 1/32 scale. This kit consists of 3 figures. Two figures are Pilots of Luftwaffe that prepare to the operation flight and a mechanic to assist them.

Here are a bunch of shots of the three made up and getting suited up..

This is a traditional kit for Master Box with the action scene that represents German Infantry on the Eastern Front. The kit is distinguished by a very dynamic, bright scenario, by dynamic and very realistic poses of the participants.
We would like to emphasize especially that there is a separate sprue with weapons and equipment of higher quality included in the kit that increases also, on the whole, attractiveness of the kit. The kit consists of 5 figures of Wehrmacht infantrymen including 2 machine gunners that fight a close action in the initial period of the fight actions on the Eastern Front.

Also we would like to emphasize especially that 35102 kit is the first kit of traditional series for Master Box company that consist of 3 kits and it interacts with 35152 and 35153 kits well.

This is a special kit from the point of view of opportunities that open for the modeller. The kit includes 6 figures of Wehrmacht soldiers that suit well for being set into the body and into the cab of any truck of any manufacturer. The kit includes a driver, an escort that could be set both into the cab next to a driver and into the body and 4 infantrymen that could be set into the body.
The special appeal of the kit is, firstly, the presence of additional hands and position choices for them that allows creation of the figures in different poses (multipose assembly), and is, secondly, a separate sprue with weapons which is always handy to fit in with the several positions of the arms.

With all the poses available you could buy a few kits and use them without necessarily repeating your figures – a great little feature we thought.

These 3 new kits are available already from the MasterBox’ distributors worldwide