Sunday, May 19

Time to get to work with Royal Model’s May releases

Yes we know it is Sunday but there is no time that is better to get your work done early – if that work is creating a workshop setting in 1/35 then Royal Model has the tools for you.

Royal Model May Releases..

All in all these four resin kits would make a great set of figures to include into any scene where mechanics are working – especially on heavy vehicles – Lets preview them for you..

This Oxy-Acetylene welding set is made up of eighteen parts of grey resin with some scale correct flexible pipe and a sheet of photo etch to make up the smaller details.
The trolley frame and the cutting tool along with the two gas cylinders are included and with all the parts this can be made into quite a convincing cutting tool for your workshop diorama.

This is a figure of a workshop mechanic welding away leaning slightly on his rear with a leg raised. As we see above you can place him in a confined or interesting space where his leg is slightly raised.
Five parts of Grey resin make up this worker who is wearing a full faced mask and a long pair of overalls which quite smartly cover his whole body from sparks. His gloved hands carry his welder, these is rubber tubing included with this kit as well.

This workshop mechanic is seen holding a cutting tool an welding down on the deck – he is kneeling down as he goes to work
Five parts of grey resin make this figure up, his oxy torch is held in his gloved hands and again this workshop man is seen in a full length pair of overalls and boots. This man though has just the protective eyewear in the shape of goggles instead of a full faced mask.

Our last worker in this set is seen a full length pair of overalls and a thick coat and safety boots along with a welding mask. He is cutting away with an oxy-acetylene torch while he is standing up and leaning slightly forward. He comes in five parts of grey resin.

These four kits are available through Royal Models directly