Tuesday, June 4

Diego Fortes unleashes his Blitzkrieg on us..

Miniaturas Fortes has finished their latest 1/24th scale limited edition figure – simply titled “Blitzkrieg” it is a lovely recreation of a young fresh faced officer in the service of the German army in 1939 – we will be reviewing it when it arrives but until then we have a nice few pictures in our preview for you….

Minituras Fortes
Resin figure
1/24 scale (75mm).
Alternative head with helmet
Limited edition to 200 figures
The figure represents an Oberleutenant und Adjutant in 1939, during the invasion of Poland. He is clothed with typical garments of this period. His only decoration is the Spanish Cross, given that, as a young officer, he has only been able to participate in the Spanish Civil War (as yet) surely a stout young figure must have seen a lot more countries in those early war years.
You can get this resin (or any of the other figures that might still be unsold) figure by going to Fortes Miniatures site..