Wednesday, June 5

Want Verlinden’s latest June items at a good discount? – read on..

Verlinden have released only three items this month – but gee they are quality over quantity!  A large scale Chindit, a crew and everything you need to fire a Nebelwerfer and the Battle of Berlin can commence now we have a Panther to dig in as a bunker - and for a short while there are some great discounts on them as well.

Verlinden new releases for April 2013

This 1/16th scale Chindit comes in fifteen parts of cream resin and the sculpt recreates a “Lance-jack” corporal of this special service force. These men went behind the Japanese front lines to interdict Japanese lines of communication and wreak havoc and fear amongst their enemies. Often surviving for months at a time with no support but airdrops, these soldiers were often very irregular in their appearance and equipment.

This Chindit wears a slant bush hat and carries a Lee Enfield 303 at his shoulder, long sleeves and pants with galoshes over their boots to keep the leeches away this Chindit looks like he is ready to go into battle.

Regular Price: $26.95
Special Price: $24.26

This set of seventy six resin parts contains everything BUT the Nebelwerfer - figures, ammunition, gear and the base which is sculpted with texture to represent the rough ground the rocket is based on.
Three German soldiers in their winter parkas, gloves, warm lined pants, each of the soldiers with different head gear and doing assorted things to get the rockets loaded and fires. This kit comes with ammunition in and out of cases and some personal weapons and items of equipment and gear like “jerry” cans and sleeping rolls. You can use any 1/35 Nebelwerfer for this set – and right now it is $5 off the RRP!

Regular Price: $49.95
Special Price: $44.96

Now this one we have been waiting for a while – this panther tank – with an open engine compartment dug into a Berlin street and a victorious Russian soldier standing inspecting the burnt out hulk –
This is a kit to represent the actual tanks which were used as pillboxes – dug into the streets they caused headaches to the opposition and proved hard to hit due to their hull down nature and excellent positioning at choke points.
This set of cream resin contains a large base and 30 resin parts to complete the kit, it sure is a dramatic looking scene and everything to make what you see is in the box. The signs of battle are include – broken pavers and spent shells re all included in the pack.

And it is ten bucks off the RRP right now!
Regular Price: $98.99
Special Price: $89.09

These are available directly thru Verlinden’s website right now.