Friday, June 7

How could we not show this off? Tamiya’s official new product details of their ”Birdcage” Corsair in 32nd scale…

More detail on one of the most anticipated kits of the year to add to the show pictures and the CAD drawings we have already shown you – this time the official announcement with pictures of the built up kit from Tamiya – please do enjoy…
Preview:Tamiya’s new Vought F4U-1 CORSAIR "Birdcage"
The Corsair was based on the requirements of carrier-based fighter the U.S. Navy presented in February 1938. The Vought Company aimed for a high performance superior to land fighter, they fitted it with a huge propeller of about 4m diameter and a 2,000 horsepower R-2800 engine – it was an ambitious design that employed a unique inverted gull wing that became synomomous with all the type’s variants. It has a canopy frame which was called a "bird cage" with the initial production type F4U-1

Model Details:

Modelled with the trademark large diameter propeller and inverted gull wing
Tail wheel and main landing gear can choose either of flight conditions and aircraft parking state. Stand to display the model in flight also supplied.

Canopy - called the "Bird Cage" can be posed open or closed. Rear window set a dedicated part of each open state, closed state.
The cockpit’s frame is represented here with no floorboards and in some very fine detail. Transparent parts for the window of the fuselage underside cockpit so the pilot could see the deck – represented faithfully here.
Bomb racks on the outer wings..
Wings can be shown in either extended or folded positions.
Elevators and flaps can be selected for raised and lowered of the state.
Details of the wing fold are reproduced in fine detail here – The tyre tread pattern is a solid rubber.
Engine cowl is reproduced in thin plastic and can be left on or off after construction.

A Pratt & Witney P & W R-2800 engine is represented here almost as a kit in itself – this can be finished to a high standard

 The main landing gear is also very realistically detailed. The window of the fuselage underside is also an interesting feature of this kit.
Air intake of wing base is moulded well here as well as oil cooler and air guide path. Included are etched parts for the oil cooler.
Wing-tip identification light lights reproduced with transparent parts.
A choice of two fuselage rear top panels. You can choose the panel line of late type or early type.
There are two pilot figures included - one in the seating position, and the other pilot in a standing pose.
Photo etched seat belts with sharp detail as well as a paint mask for the canopy are included
An accompanying book with 12 pages of B5 size. Shown in colour and detail photos to help in the build process
The wing internal sections are of the extended or retracted versions and the internal framework is represented in this kit.
Delicate rivet aircraft surfaces, making the panel lines a highlight.
The tail wheel can be seen here in the cut away section of the model - it can be built assembled or retracted.
Marking choices for this bird are:
17th Fighter Squadron belonging to the U.S. Navy
Aircraft carrier Bunker Hill in 1943
213 combat flying machine Corps United States Marine Corps
New Guinea 1943
215 combat flying machine Corps United States Marine Corps
New Guinea 1943
Keep tuned for more info on this kit of just go to Tamiya’s website to see more