Wednesday, July 10

MasterBox go all modern on us with one of probably THE funniest kit names ever

The gauntlet has been thrown down – see if you can work out which we think is the most “unique” kit name we have ever seen – other than that these two kits look promising…

MasterBox two new July releases..

“Can we buy one of your sheep for a BBQ?” is the real name on the kit – which consists of 1 sprue containing 6 figures - 4 modern US tankmen, a figure of old man – Afghan and a figure of sheep. Figures of tankmen fit to models of modern armoured vehicles.
These tankmen are all wearing their protective body armour and the officer is bareheaded whilst his compadres have tankers helmets and goggles. The Afghanistani shepherd looks the part and his sheep is definitely unchartered territory for most modellers. Gotta love the name of this kit though!

This kit of modern US soldiers in Iraq or in Afghanistan consists of 1 sprue containing 5 figures, they are 4 figures of modern US infantrymen and a dog trained to detect mines.
The animal theme continues with this set – a trained Belgian Malinois - the preferred breed of the US army and special forces – he is accompanied by four infantrymen – Two packing M4 carbines – one with a shotgun and another with a SAW Machine gun.

All of these kits should be available thru MasterBox’s distributors towards the end of this month…