Thursday, July 11

The Man soon to be known as “Meyer” gets the injection moulded treatment from MiniArt

The Luftwaffe commander did serve in WWI as a decorated ace and commander of the "Flying Circus" - and now Miniart have added him Ernst Udet in with their latest set of 1/16th figures - lets have a look at what's to come... 
Coming Soon from MiniArt:
1:16 Hermann Goering WWI Flying Ace
This injection moulded model kit 
contains 23 parts to make one 1:16 scale figure

Most would know Herman Goring as a war criminal in the dock in Nuremburg – or as the Commander as the doomed German Luftwaffe of WWII – Those more in the know will also see him as the WWI ace of German – in command of command Jagdstaffel 27 and as the commander of the famed “Flying Circus” – Jagdstaffel I.
Twenty three parts make up this man who amonst his WWI medals were Iron Crosses (1st and 2nd Class), he received the Zaehring Lion with swords, the Friedrich Order, the House Order of Hohenzollern with swords third class, and finally in May 1918, the coveted Pour le Mérite.[11] According to Hermann Dahlmann, who knew both men, Göring had Loerzer lobby for the award.[12] He finished the war with 22 confirmed victories.
This kit should be available in the next few months we'll show it to you built when it arrives..