Friday, July 19

URRAAHHHH! - Evolution Miniatures show us the advantages of rank with their latest releases.

Well rank apparently “hath its privileges” – and Evolution Miniatures has five new figures on the way which show us exactly the difference between being at the forefront of the attack and in the rear ordering people to attack…

July 2013 releases from Evolution Miniatures

The massed attack of the soviet armies of WWII were the only thing that kept the German army from taking over their motherland – typified by as many men dragged together as they could muster – their officers ordered them into battle to die often so they would not suffer the same fate, such was the pressure from above to beat the Nazis.

Let’s have a short preview of each of these figures from evolution showing both sides of the proletariat..

EM-35083 Soviet Officer WWII Set 2 (1943-45)
This heavy set officer is trying his best to grow a moustache just like Comrade Stalin as he watches – map folded behind his back with his legs apart and his warm coat and heavy boots protecting him from any elements. He looks like he has been living well – definitely a lot better than the men he has attacking….

EM-35078 Soviet Officer WWII (1943-45)
This senior Red army officer doesn't even carry a map! Just a cane whilst he sports a heavy fur lined leather jacket and wide britches. He sure looks  like he is ready for the elements in his warm clothes!

EM-35082 Red Rifleman WWII (1941-43)
This rifleman of the Soviet Red army carries only his rifle and a water bottle on his belt and nothing else – this early part of the war saw soldiers going into battle with barely even a rifle to shoot back with. This figure is already wounded so he may have even been pulled out of hospital to fill his place in the line..

EM-35081 Red Rifleman Set 3 - WWII (1941-43)
This Red Army Rifleman is much better armed than his comrade – he has a full complement of ammo in pouches and a forage bag with a water bottle on his webbing as he runs into the attack – bayonet drawn on his rifle and screaming at his enemies as he runs…

EM-35080 Red Army Officer WWII (1941-43)
This Red Army officer charges into battle at the head of his troops hoping to live through the attack (presumably he’ll turn out like his commander humpty dumpty) - anyway he carries an entrenching tool in his hand along with his pistol in the other. He has a map pack on his hip and pistol holder on the other side – he is really well sculpted and has everything he should in real life.

EM-35079 Red Rifleman Set 2 - WWII (1941-43)
This soldier springs into battle armed with only a rifle and a bandage on his head – he looks like he has been liberated from the hospital to fight for his motherland in the attack -  he is working the bolt of his rifle as he charges forward towards his enemy..
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Previous Releases from Evolution Miniatures..

This SS officer seems to have all the cliché’s going at once – only missing an eye patch maybe! This Officer of the elite SS units has wide – early war style cavalry britches and tall jack boots 3along with a reversible winter wear parka which was white on one side and camouflaged on the other side.
He is carrying a lot of gear as well – from field optics to a map pack on his front to a canteen and mess tin and a bread bag on his rear hip. He certainly looks like he is ready for a long campaign! The squashed officer’s cap looks very nice here on this figure.

What is this? Wild boys afloat?  Once I got past this figure’s unclothed pose you will see that he is a tanker who has been hard at work on his vehicle and is taking a much needed break.
This tanker is shown in his uniform black trousers and boots and enlisted men belt. His side cap is sitting on the soldiers head and the large tag on his chest round out this figure. He would be a great addition to your 35th scale diorama..
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February 2013 releases from Evolution Miniatures

All of these releases are in 1/35th scale and in resin – it looks like Sergey had been hard at work here sculpting them all – I wonder how he relaxed in betweennn…hmmmmm..

Soviet soldier on rest WWII – Set 2 EM 35070
Having one of the very strong cigarettes well known to the soviet troops of WWII this  soldier is warm clad in his great coat and “Ushanka” woollen hat. Carryingin a sack of all of his personal belongings on his back and his Moisin Nagant rifle he looks off to the side as he has a crafty cigarette…

Soviet soldier on rest WWII – Set 3 EM 35073
This soviet infantryman carries a heavy Degtyarev DP28 machine gun on his back along with his sack full of possessions. Kept warm in his "Telogreika" jacket and field pants this soldier is seen wrapping his feet in cloth to wear under his long boots so to keep warm. Of note is his round case around his shoulder for his machine gun ammunition.

German Tank Crewman WWII - Set 2 EM 35071
Looking very studious and very Germanic indeed is this tanker in uniform shirt and pants sucking on a long pipe as was the fashion of older troopers and servicemen alike. On his waist he carries a P08 pistol holster on his rear left hip on his enlisted servicemen’s belt

German Tank Crewman WWII - Set 3 EM 35072
Looking like he is in a very complimentary mood whilst sitting and holding onto his forage cap in his hands whilst he scans on to something down the road. Of not on this soldier is the very flat bottom he is displaying – it looks like he is meant to be sitting on something flat like the tank turret he is pictured on

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Previous Releases from Evolution Miniatures..

Winter Russian front – check!  1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler? Check! -Soldiers armed to the teeth? Check - Evolution Miniatures new figures in 1/35th? Check!...

SS Grenadiers LAH - Set 5
Item ID : 35062
Scale : 1/35
Material : Resin
Sculpted by Sergey Traviansky
We have been sent info on the latest set by Evolution Miniatures of soldiers from the elite 1st SS battalion – Hitler’s bodyguard the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. These figures are all in 1/35th scale and sculpted by Sergey Traviansky from resin.
This is Evoloution’s fith set in resin so they either like their 1st SS or they sell very well – from the look of them we think both!!
 For more information about all of their great figure kits in 35th and 48th scale go to the Evolution Miniatures website