Thursday, July 18

Zoukei Mura’s two new kits – after two years the Raiden in 32nd and the finely reproduced Shinden in 48th

Well Japanese aircraft lovers - get your pennies/yen saved by July the 20
th this month – two of Zoukei Mura’s new and very good looking kits, both the 1/32 scale “Jack”(Raiden) and the 48th scale Shinden  are getting their full “inside out” treatment and we have some pictures of them in our preview –

Zoukei Mura Pre-sale new releases

1/32 Scale
Plastic Model Kit (including 2-color molded parts, clear and grey)
Total Parts: 247
October 2013 Release (expected)
Pre-order Jul 20 , 2013

As the pillar of the Imperial Capital defense, catch the truth of this local fighter that Japan is proud of!

The Raiden was a point defence fighter optimised to improve overall fighting performance, endurance and fire power. So what was the solution adapted by the designer, Horikoshi, to the Navy's demands for better performance while retaining a large-diameter engine? It was all down to the external design of the airframe, which was streamlined and ultimately allowed a better climbing performance than opposing fighter, despite its less powerful engine. This high-performance machine was born with a full Japanese intensity of feeling! The truth of its design will now be revealed through this latest thoroughly researched SWS kit


Will it be possible to check the baffle plates that cover the sides of each cylinder? It is important parts of the star-shaped air-cooling engine that increases the cooling efficiency of the cylinders. The SWS have absolutely reproduced these parts.

The equipment and codes are unified with the ribs on the side of the cockpit and the cockpit will be assembled in the 3D. You can imagine even the feelings of the pilots from the operation system mechanism that is reproduced in a scale model.
And here is the kit with the rest exposed for you to see the detail...

Bonus figure included w/t all first edition kits!

1/48 scale SUPER WING SERIES SWS Products
1/48 Scale
Plastic Model Kit (including 2-color molded parts, clear and grey)
Total Parts: 123
Aug 2013 (expected)
Pre-order Jul 20 , 2013

A perfection equal to the 1/32 kit!
- Pay attention to Ha-43-42 fully reproduced in 1/48 scale!
The airframe and internal structure of the 1/32 Shinden have now been scaled down to 1/48. This has resulted not simply in reducing the size of parts from the larger kit, but a certain amount of combining and condensing the structure to cater for the smaller size.
The engine is a particularly nice piece of tooling – you can see by the accompanying pictures that it is indistinguishable from the real thing without a very close inspection. SWS starts this new 1/48 series by offering the mystery, charm and power of the Shinden. But don't miss out – this kit is expected to sell out as quickly as the 1/32 version!
And in "Living colour"
Both items are up for pre-order directly from ZM’s distributor in Japan from July 20th..