Tuesday, July 2

Viva la MENG! - The French Renault FT-17 in 35th scale

MENG has given us another lovely release in 35th scale – this time the revolutionary-for-its-time French tank the FT or FT-17. This was a great innovation because of the 360 degree rotating turret with ammunition inside and the layout of the crew in front and the engine in the rear – something that has been followed by tank designers right through this century – now this little masterpiece is with us in plastic - let’s have a look at the model features in our preview…
  Gaulish Elf – FT-17 Light Tank (Cast Turret) is Coming!

In 1917, FT-17 light tanks roared across the horizon and achieved a great success. Concept of this tank was raised by Jean-Baptiste Eugène Estienne who’s considered to be “Father of the Tank” in France. It’s designed by the talented designer Rodolphe Ernst Metzmaier and then manufactured by a French company, Renault. FT-17 light tank is considered as the earliest modern tank on the basis of its outstanding performance and design concept showing great foresight.
In order to commemorate this tank of great historic significance, MENG team represent this Ft-17 tank perfectly in 1:35 scale by taking all measurements of real FT-17 tank with the help of our German adviser and by studying a lot of historical documents and reference material.
This FT-17 light tank (cast turret) kit, numbered TS-008, consists of 10 plastic sprues totalling 404 parts, 1 PE fret totalling 9 parts and 6 metal parts including springs. Decals of four painting schemes are provided for tanks during WWI, WWII and the Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland in consideration of long service experience of FT-17 tanks.

This TS-008 kit not only reproduces the exterior details of FT-17 tank, but also represent its internal equipment and structure to the maximum degree. All hatches can be built in open or closed position. When the hatches are open, complete power system, driver’s cabin and turret interiors will be presented, offering strong impression of this precision machine. This TS-008 kit has a compact looking by combining full interiors with small shape of the tank. Its movable suspension system reproduces the real structure. Cement-free workable track links are provided. Three weapons equipped as main weapon of FT-17 tank as well as a rack for Hotchkiss 8mm M1914 machine gun are provided for modeller’s choice.
This compact TS-008 kit will bring you a very enjoyable modelling process!

This little tank will be soon available thru MENG’s Distributors