Tuesday, July 2

We pass thru the Ardenne region again - but this time the house is IN order...

The Ardennes region cops a shellacking from those expert diorama makers MiniArt as they give us a second building in 35th scale – we have some great pics of the sprues and built up..Building – in our preview.

Coming soon from MiniArt..

BOX: 345x240x70 mm - Kit contains 143 parts.

MiniArt have a new building which is undamaged by the ravages of the German forces passing through the Ardennes twice during the war – this twin story building has a large garage door below and a door to the cellar as well as an upstairs floor.

The kit comes unassembled with several “sprues” of Vac-form plastic which after trimmed down makes the walls and the roof and building superstructure.

There are also injection moulded plastic sprues which make up the building window and door furniture, stairs and guttering

And here she is built up - it will make an excellent roadside garage or building with a lot of potential..

This kit is on the soon to be released list from MiniArt and we will show you it in more detail when it arrives …