Saturday, August 3

AFV club’s Churchill III is on a summer holiday

AFV Club has just released some details on their new Churchill III from the Dieppe raid – though not much on paper the pictures of the built up tank from AFV are worth at least 999 words…(and try to forget that that Stuka looks like he is in support of the Mk.III)
New AFV Club AF35176 1/35 Churchill Mk III Dieppe

To match those kilograms of tiny stones you got from the garden centre for a Dieppe raid diorama AFV club has finally gotten the message and set in motion their new MK III with specifics for the several vehicles that embarked on the Dieppe raid in France. We have little lese about the kit yet – we do know that it includes tracks that were used on either the African, Dieppe and Normandy operations (FV35183) but also …

Deep wading air intakes & exhausts with quick release cable system.
Metal gun barrel with rifling.
Realistic suspension system with metal coil springs.
Mudguards with same parting structure as the real vehicle.
3 types of rivets for side armour plates included.
Clear periscope vision blocks provided.
Photo-etched metal parts for super detailing.
Exhaust ports dedicated mounted to Churchill Mk.III of landing for August 1942.

We will keep you posted as to any more on their new releases..