Saturday, August 3

Stand to attention for the latest Model Military in review… along with their other new editions they have been very busy little boys...

Ampersand publishing has no at all been idle recently – their latest Allied/Axis and their  special editions of the German themed Axis/Axis books on the way out – they have paused to finish off their excellent magazine Military Miniatures in Review – we have the preview pages of No 58 for you today…

Ampersand Publishing’s latest releases August 2013

Military Miniatures in Review 58 and Allied/ Axis 29 will ship out in a few days and the AA Specials will be out in a few weeks and we have the preview images for you here..
Military Miniatures in Review is an 80-page, full colour, perfect bound, bi-monthly magazine. Regular features include new product announcements, book reviews and figure reviews. This is what issue 58 has in store for you..
Diagnosis Diorama: Creating an Ardennes backdrop for the M10.
Roberto Reale takes us on a trip to dioramaland.
Meng’s Menacing Merkava: Getting your Israeli groove on.
Buffalo Soldier: Dragon’s Bison II
The enigmatic but arguably cool German AFV.
M17: Russkie Meat Chopper
One sexy Lend Lease item.

A Cherry Chi-Ri and a Crunchy Chi-To: The FineMolds kits
Why have just one, when you can have two at twice the price?

Patrol in the Debris Field
Something’ very different, yet strangely familiar—armour techniques in space!
Medic! Resuscitating the WC-54
TLC and a little “plastic” surgery gets the old Italeri kit in gear.

Annual or 6-issue subscriptions available. - Also out this month...

Ampersand Publishing Allied-Axis German specials

Ampersand is pleased to announce a limited series of four books featuring material from the long out of print early issues of Allied-Axis. Concentrating on German subjects of WW2, these four books will include content consolidated from the first ten issues. Several excellent multi-part articles have been combined into massive treatments of the various subjects. Some articles also contain additional new material.

This is an opportunity that you will not want to miss! Very limited quantities are available. All volumes retain the standard landscape format and are 96 pages in length. Each contains up to 175 black and white photos:

German Special Issue One: ISBN 978-0-9895547-1-8

- Panther Attack in Alsace-Lorraine
- The A4/V2 Missile- The sIG 33/1 Grille SPG
- The kleines Kettenkraftrad, plus walk around
German Special Issue Two: ISBN 978-0-9895547-2-5

- Sd.Kfz.10 Type D7 Halftrack, plus walk around
- Eight-wheeled Armored Cars: Schwere Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz. 231, 232, 233 and 263

German Special Issue Three: ISBN 978-0-9895547-3-2

- Schwerer Zugkraftwagen FAMO and Tiefladeanhänger Sd.Ah.116
- PzKpfw 35(t), plus walk around
- Wespe in Einstatz, plus walk around- PzKpfw IV Ausf. A
- Panzerbefehlswagen IV, plus walk around
German Special Issue Four: ISBN 978-0-9895547-4-9

- German Experimental Self-Propelled Guns
- SdKfz. 250 Halftrack, plus walk around
- 10.5cm gun in Einstatz

Retail price on each is just $15.95."
And just when you thought Ampersand were only catering for “Ze Germans” this is on the way:
Allied-Axis No: 29 is coming soon:
German L.g.s.F.H.13 (Sfl.) auf Lorraine-Schlepper
German Daimler-Benz L1500 A & S
German Horch 901 Type 40 E.Pkw, Part 2
U.S. T16 Diesel Heavy Tractor
U.S. GMC LeRoi Compressor TruckU.S. M3/M3A1 Stuart Tanks
List price, $15.95.

Allied-Axis: The Photo Journal of the Second World War is Ampersand Publishing's dedicated reference magazine. This 96-page, soft cover publication contains rare and interesting photographs of the vehicles and equipment of World War II in their original format. Many of the features mix shots of contemporary vehicles, original line drawings, and tech manual shots. Each photograph is accompanied by an informative caption that both puts the image in its historical context and highlights pertinent technical features of the subject. Allied-Axis contains four to six articles per issue and is published four times per year.

These titles are all available from Ampersand Publishing...