Friday, August 2

From land sea and air come Revell’s releases for this month

Revell of Germany has three interesting new kits this month – a 48th scale swift boat, a tracked “Flammenwerfer” in 72nd and the old favourite a - Sea Hurricane in 72nd scale – something for everyone? Let’s have a look see….

Revell  August Releases

All of these kits are available this month through Revell’s many outlets around the world.

05122 - US Navy SWIFTBOAT (PCF)
Scale: 1:48
No. of parts: 62
Length: 318 mm

The Swift Boats were unique Fast Patrol Craft that were specifically designed for use in South Vietnam by the American Forces. They operated mostly in groups of three to five boats in order to control shipping and prevent Viet Cong supply boats penetrating the South Vietnamese lines. The main areas of operation were the Mekong delta and shallow coastal waters. They often also moved combat units of the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy SEAL Teams. The 15 meter long aluminium boats reached a top speed of 32 knots, were manned by specially trained crews and were fitted light but very effective weapons which included a 0.5 inch calibre machine gun and a grenade launcher.

- One-piece hull
- Detailed Deck Fittings
- Radar Mast
- Twin MG Position
- Aft MG Position with Grenade Launcher
- 2 Propellers
- Railing
- One Crew Figure
- Display Stand
- Authentic Decal Set for 2 Versions:

- Patrol Craft Fast Mk.I, PCF-9, US Navy, South Vietnam, 1968
- Patrol Craft Fast Mk.I, PCF-38, Coastal Div. 11, US Navy, South Vietnam, 1970

03197 - Sd.Kfz. 251/16 Ausf. C
Scale: 1:72
No. of parts: 143
Length: 81 mm

This medium armoured fighting vehicle, 16,000 of which were built from 1938, was the main combat vehicle and armoured personnel carrier of the German mechanised infantry in the Second World War. The Sd.Kfz 251/16 type C, so-called "flame thrower", was equipped with two lateral 14 mm flame thrower 42s and two MG 42s. Flammable oil was pumped through spray nozzles and ignited. The flames had a maximum range of 40 m.
- Fine structural details on surface
- Two MG 42
- Two 14 mm flame thrower 42 with pumping equipment
- Filigree tools and accessories
- Rear doors optionally open or closed
- Easy to assemble boxed tracks and suspension
- Injection moulded tracks with individual links and segments
- Decals for the following two versions:

- 36. Inf. Div. Inf. Reg. 87 mot. Pionierzug, Russland Sommer 1942
- 60. Inf. Div. Inf. Reg. 92 mot. Pionierzug, Russland 1941

03985 - Sea Hurricane Mk.II C

Scale: 1:72
No. of parts: 55
Length: 134 mm
Wingspan: 166 mm
he Sea Hurricane was developed in 1942 in order to give maritime convoys in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea protection against attackers. The Mk.II C was fitted with the more powerful Merlin XX engine and an arrester hook. It was armed with four 20 mm cannon.

- Movable Arrester Hook
- Detailed MK.II C Wings
- Detailed Surfaces, Recessed Panel Joints
- Detailed Cockpit with instrument panel
- Four 20 mm Cannon
- Rotating Propeller
- Detailed Undercarriage
- Decal Set for 2 Royal Navy Versions

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