Friday, September 6

A brand new Business for Man-Jin Kim: His figures must be good.....

 Man-Jin Kim is known as one of the best figure painters in the business, his works with Alpine Miniatures and his own company ST Miniatures are examples of his skill. MJ has gone out completely on his own now – starting a company by himself called "MJ Miniatures" we like the name of the new “biz”– but not as much as we like his first figure!!

"MJ Miniatures"  new figure for Sep, 2013

 German Gebirgsjäger in WW2

Code : MJ10-001
Size : 1/10 Scale
Material : Resin and enamelled wire + steel wire
Weight : 150g
Pieces : 19
Sculpted by Carl Reid
Painted by Man-Jin, Kim

This alpine/mountain soldier of the German army – called “Gebirgsjäger” - is seen on a resin bust of 1/10th scale – he is kitted out in the fashion of the mountain troops with his M43 “Bergmützen” cap which had a small Edelweiss or a grouping of Jäger leaves distinctively displayed. The sculpt by Carl Reid has lovely and distinctively  “Reid” facial figures if you have seen any of his previous sculpts and the paint here is amazing from MJ. (Handy to know a good painter to sell your kits hey!)
This bust has many accoutrements which give it depth, from the Kar98 “Soldier’s bride” the rifleman is carrying to the spare ammo on his belt along with two egg shaped grenades, The camera on his neck reminds me of the German Gebirgsjäger who conquered the Caucasus Mountains with and took their cameras to document the event. The full pack with zeltbahn and rope makes the soldier’s typical load – don’t forget his climber's pitons…
If you want more information on the Merged ST Miniatures & MJ’s new line contact:
You can get this bust – along with MJ’s other stuff at his distributors worldwide.