Saturday, September 7

Preview: SCALE 75's new September Releases – I am green with envy of that little tin man this month.....

Scale 75 has three new products on sale this month – something for the military figure fans – something for people who need green paint for said military figures and something for people who just like a good figure in general…

Scale 75 September 2013 items

Price Kit:        39.67 € + IVA
Painted Figure:        215 € + IVA
Product:         SCW-007

The Seaforth Highlanders (Ross–shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's) was a historic regiment of the British Army associated with large areas of the northern Highlands of Scotland. The Seaforth Highlanders have varied in size from two battalions to seventeen battalions during the Great War. After several mergers, the Seaforth Highlanders are now incorporated in the Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons) Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.
Price Kit:        61.68 € + IVA
Painted Figure:        350 € + IVA
Product:         SSP-003

What can I say about this steampunk babe? Her taste in men that are robotic is just shameful. His tinny voice must drive her nuts – lucky she has the tools to fix his nuts back in place…

Price kit:         20.66 € + IVA
Availability:    In Stock
Product:         SSE-006 
All the verde shades you might need in an odourless acrylic paint set..
These are all available now Thru Scale 75’s Distributors..

SCALE75: August 2013 Releases

75mm figure
Sculpted by Angel Terol
Painted by Elias Alonso
Kit No: SCM-008

This soldier is one of the Samurai that fought for Oda Nobunaga - who was the initiator of the unification of Japan under the shogunate in the late 16th century, - he has blood red armour which was painted by Elias Alonso in with a fine hand. 
Sculpted of course in 75mm by the talented Angel Terol this warrior  this warrior carried his master’s tall pennant on his back as he rushes into mortal combat. He is wearing full traditional layered armour and is in process of unleashing his sharp sword on the enemy..
You can buy him unassembled and unpainted for € 41.32 + VAT or built up and painted for € 215 + VAT
Don’t have any paint to complete him? Well Scale 75 has just released an accompanying set of shades called “Blood and Fire”
This set of water soluble shades come in eight colours which give you at least the start to a full spectrum of colours the run the gamut of these warm shades you will need to create the battle on your workbench.
Low odour – easy to clean and spray they look pretty good to us! They retail for € 20.66

SCALE75’s August New Releases are now available on their website.

Scale 75’s June 2013 Releases
Product: SFF-003
Escultura: Alfonso Prieto
Pintura: Elias Alonso
Price Kit: 41.32 € + IVAPainted Figure: 190 € + IVA
This female marine figure is part of the continuing "Fallen Frontiers" series, he armour covers )most) of her body and I am sure many of us will wonder long before working out what colour to paint her. She looks plenty tough though, with a blaster or two and lean physique enough to be just more than eye candy.

Product: SCN-004
Escultura: Angel Terol
Pintura: Roberto Ramirez
Price Kit: 47 € + IVA
Painted Figure: 215 € + IVA
John H. Watson, known as Dr. Watson, is a character in the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Watson is Sherlock Holmes's friend, assistant and sometime flatmate, and he is the first person narrator of all but four stories in the Sherlock Holmes canon.

Product: SSE-004
Price Kit: 18.18 € + IVA
This is an acrylic paint set which is used to recreate, with the gradual shading of colours – these two natural materials. Both leather and wood are very changeable in their graduation of colours so these very slight paint colour changes are just the thing to get it right in your sculpt. Eight colours are included in this pack.
All of these are available from Scale 75’s Distributors worldwide or directly from them.

Scale 75’s May 2013 Releases

Sculpted by: Alfonso Prieto
Painted by: Elias Alonso Ref: SFF-002

This figure looks to me like a futuristic space warrior (but also with a knife for pros – guns for show) the odd thing about him is slightly alien appearance. But his painted ears and cat like nose along with his pink skin in this version make him vaguely humanoid in all but his face.

This marine from the "Fallen Frontiers" series carries a large rifle and body armour – he also has a large mech-like hand that looks robotic or bionic – he looks ready to offer up some Whup-ass…


Sculpted by: Joaquin Palacios
Painted by: Elias Alonso Ref: SPS-004
This Mohawk warrior has been requisitioned to fight for the English against the French in the seven-year’ war after the French destroyed their villages. These red-coated warriors were feared for their courage and fighting ability.

The long red coat covers the otherwise near naked figure.  He has canvas chap-like pants and carries a horn around his torso – he carries either a knife or a tomahawk in his right hand. His typical Mohawk style haircut is a feature of his face and in this interesting painted version his eyes and face  (along with his body) are painted ready for war.

Title: “Ares Condominium - Operator 79”
Painted by: ELIAS ALONSO

This is maybe an alternative to the earlier warrior in this month’s releases – this time the future soldier is human and wearing a fetching yellow power assisted armour. He certainly looks the part, with his crew-cut and strong lantern jaw.

The armour is a hard shell with under-padded torso and “utility belt” with lots of different packs and modules on it. As well as his large rifle he also carries a pistol on his hip to deal with smaller fry!

Price Kit:        18.18 € + IVA
Availability:    In Stock
Product:         SSE-003
Eight paints in this set make up pretty much every shade of flesh in most of the figures you will make and paint. (Unless you want to paint a mer-man) Anyway the colours are a matte finish to save on another coat and come ready to use in an airbrush straight out of the bottle. There is also a step by step process included in the pack.
All of these will be available this month from Scale 75’s Distributors worldwide or directly from them.

Scale 75’s April 2103 figures


Sculptor: Santiago Moltó
Painter: Samuel Perez
Ref: S35-002
These two German paratroopers mourn the death of their comrade after the disaster that was the aerial landings at Crete in WWII
Both soldiers are seen in early war long sleeve gear and in these sculpts look pretty solemn indeed.


Sculptor: Joaquin Palacios
Painter: Elias Alonso
Ref: SFP-002

Kitty looks like a lady of mystery doesn’t she? Wrapped in the clothes of a late Victorian ages she has all the extra machinery help she needs – right down to the mechanical arm part and the “futuristic” gun – or being steam punk is it a water pistol???

Anyway she is sure to have her fans with modellers pouting over every detail soon enough…


This new Gold Copper Bronze paint set looks to compliment Scale 75’s earlier metal set and help your painting especially of steampunk figures – to no end. They come in Vallejo style bottles and this will be a popular choice for figure painters who like this delivery method.

All of these will be available this month from Scale 75’s Distributors worldwide or directly from them.

Scale 75’s January 2103 figures

Sculptor: Joaquin Palacios
Painters: Elias Alonso / Roberto Sanchez
Ref: SCM-006
Price of the unpainted Kit: 41.32 € + IVA
Painted Figure: 190 € + IVA
This figure is of a medieval knight storming something or other! (funny there aren’t many sculpts of brave knights eating a sandwich are there?) anyway this knight is sculpted by Joaquin Palacios  and he looks truly dramatic as he holds his shield aloft to cover his path as he dashes forward – perhaps to charge the gateway of a castle? Who knows.

There is a choice of heads on this figure, one which looks decidedly like he is on crusades with the mid-eastern wrapping over his head – whilst the other sees our intrepid hero wearing a warmer hood – maybe in Europe’s colder climes?

The figure comes plain in the box or painted – as you can see here in this example painted by Elias Alonso and Roberto Sanchez the money looks worth it. To those who like to do-it-yourself – I am with you as well.

Sculptor: Joaquin Palacios
Painter: Elias Alonso
Ref: SSP-001
Price of the unpainted Kit: 41.32 € + IVA
Painted Figure: 190 € + IVA
Well I hope “Sam” is a woman! Because she would have people talking otherwise! Sam looks just the woman to fix it – with her very large wrench and tool belt full of handy gear – hang on I think my washing machine just busted!
This reminds us of the Best in Show figure at Telford model show this year. That type of steam punk sci-fi look may be catching on.  I don't see many modellers with an objection to this kit!
Again you can get this kit unpainted or painted up to a quality you see in these photos. Elias Alonso painted this example – but I think many people out there would spend a great deal longer on the details of this kit than normal!

These kits are available now and are on sale from Scale 75’s distributors..