Sunday, September 8

A Shinden shared.....

We have some in depth previews of the new Zoukei Mura 1/48th Shinden from our friends at the Scale Plastic Aircraft Modeller forum which we think you will all be interested in. On top of the shots we recently brought you ourselves we have some extra shots exclusive to the forum that we thought you would like to see of this scaled down superfighter from Nippon..

Yesterday Zoukei-mura sent these some pictures to Scale Plastic Aircraft Modeler forum and they asked us if we wanted to show you – we thought they would be interesting to modellers in all of it’s incarnations, as a skeleton unpainted and then with paint, primed and ready to go and then fully built and painted up.
 First is a series of the skeleton showing the amazing number of details Zoukei-mura managed to scale down from their 1/32 scale release
And painted up to show the great detail in the guns, engine and cockpit
Here model primed in grey colour it almost looks like an animated CAD drawing doesn’t it?

And built up and painted -  1/48 scale SUPER WING SERIES SWS Products
1/48 Scale
Plastic Model Kit (including 2-color molded parts, clear and grey)
Total Parts: 123
Aug 2013 (expected)
Pre-order Jul 20 , 2013
So there is the fully built and painted model of Zoukei-mura´s realisation of this iconic and futuristic Japanese fighter, build and flown at the end of WWII!

Thanks to our friends at Scale Plastic Aircraft Modeler for letting us show you the pictures of this little beauty – you can go to their site to join in their forum if you like a friendly place where modelling comes first and big egos are a distant second! Thanks to them for sharing their exclusive with us....

The new 48th shinden is up for pre-order directly from ZM’s distributors in Japan