Sunday, September 29

D-Day Miniature Studio's October releases - A solid pair of figures based on a fragile freindship…

D-day Miniature Studio - a new company focusing on releasing resin figures from WWII has a few releases under their belt now – but we think that these two are their best to date – Today in our preview we look at the alliance between Hungary and Germany in late WWII

D-day Miniature Studio News for October 2013.

1/35th scale Kit No: 35007 - SS Officer smoking pipe, Hungary 1945.
Sculpted and painted by Pawel Krasicki.
This SS officer from the late war is seen in and overall fur lined smock brandishing an Mp-40 and a bunch of ammo hanging off his belt. He is also brandishing an impressive pipe as he is seen leaning to one side in a relaxed pose. Like his compadre he is sculpted in 35th scale in resin by Pawel Krasicki.
1/35th scale Kit No: 35008 - Hungarian Officer Szent Laszlo Division, Hungary 1944
Sculpted and painted by Pawel Krasicki
This officer from the Szent László Infantry Division in the late war is seen holding some binoculars and looking into the distance, He carries a Hungarian M39M MP and it's ammo in pouches on his belt.
The Szent László Infantry Division, named in honour of Saint Laszlo (also known as Ladislaus) who was the King of Hungary from 1077 to 1095 and also known as the patron saint of military men and exiles.
The Szent László Infantry Division formed in the final year of World War II. It was made up of a mix of army and air force personnel. The division saw action at Budapest, in western Hungary, and in southeastern Austria. Usually in stop gap operations supporting their German allies. The unit took heavy casualties in this – the last year of fighting before they surrendered to the British at the end of the war.
1/35th scale Kit No: 35009 - "Side by Side", Hungary 1945
This combo of these two figures sold as a set – sold for one Euro cheaper than singular the set does look good together – though if you are a fan of both well the world is your oyster!
Both of these figures and the combined set are available since 1st October! Visit their website: or email for your order to