Monday, September 9

Diego Fortes reports his latest figure is somewhere on the "Ostfront"

Miniaturas Fortes has finished their latest 1/24th scale limited edition figure – this time Diego is taking it to the Russians Circa 1943 – “Ostfront” is built and painted by Diego for your consideration in our preview today…

Miniaturas Fortes latest figure - September 2013
Grey resin – 7 parts
1/24 scale / (75mm).
Alternative head choice
Limited edition to 200 figures
Available directly from Minitauras Fortes Website

The figure of this German NCO of the Waffen SS from the eastern front of the war between Germany and Russia comes sculpted in 1/24th scale (75 mm.) and like all of the Minituras Fortes kits it is a limited release of only 200 figures cast.

The figure comes with the choice of two heads- one “bare” and one with the camo’ed M42 steel helmet of the German army. The kit comes with a lead thin sheet which gives you a pliable and thin option to represent the Mp-40 strap.

Here he is in progress painting - you can see more of the WIP on Diego's site
The soldier is seen here painted up by Diego in a regular summer/spring weight tunic, pants and boots with galoshes covered over by his camouflaged smock covering it all. He carries his machine pistol and ammo in his webbing, which also holds his bread bag, gas mask canister and canteen and flask along with his entrenching tool. He carries a map pouch as well which denotes him as either an NCO or Officer.
This figure is now available now and can be purchased directly from Miniaturas Fortes Website