Tuesday, September 10

Royal navy ships, German Junkers, Polish RAF Mustangs and Luftwaffe fighters are firmly in the sights of Kagero in September

This month Kagero publish a slew of new books (and decals in one case) for Mustang maniacs, Royal Navy re-livers, Schlageter sycophants, Ju88 junkies   - whatever your taste these look like appetising tittles…

Kagero’s latest titles for September 2013 Release.

Marek J. Murawski
The sixth title in the series is devoted to the history of JG 26 "Schlageter". The 28 page book with English text contains a chronological overview of the unit’s activities, which is supplemented with 41 photos and colour profiles of 4 aircraft. 

The book also includes a decal sheet printed by Cartograf, which contains 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32 individual markings of the following planes:

- Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-1; W.Nr. 3413, 'Black 5', flown by Lt. Hans Krug of 5./JG 26, Chievres airfield, France, early June 1940,

- Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-2; W.Nr. 0125 304, flown by Hptm. Johannes Seifert, Kommandeur of I./JG 26, St. Omer-Arques airfield, France, late May 1942,

- Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6; flown by Hptm. Klaus Mietusch, Kommandeur of III./JG 26, Nordholz airfield, Germany, late July 1943,

- Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-8; W.Nr. 170 661, 'Brown 13', flown by Lt. Gerhard Vogt, Kapitän of 7./JG 26, France, June 1944.
Maciej Noszczak
The sixteenth issue of the Topdrawings series is dedicated to the bomber variants of the Junkers Ju 88. It contains scale drawings of all subvariants of the A-variant. Also included are colour profiles of 4 aircraft:

- Junkers Ju 88 A-1; W.Nr. 7036, coded '9K+HL' of 3./KG 51, Bexhill, Sussex, UK, 28th July 1940,

- Junkers Ju 88 A-11 (A-4 trop); coded 'L1+OK' of 2./LG 1, North Africa, 1942,
- Junkers Ju 88 A-4; coded '(3Z)+KS' of 8./KG 77, MTO, 1943,

- Junkers Ju 88 A-5; coded 'B3+EX' of 10.(Erg.)/KG 54, MTO, 1943.
Their individual markings in 1:32, 1:48 and 1:72 scales, as well as the swastikas, are present on the decal sheet printed by Cartograf, which is also attached to the booklet.

1/72 + 1/48th + 1/32nd scales.
Nos. 303 & 309 Squadrons
Maciej Góralczyk, Janusz Światłoń

The Red Series is back with another issue devoted to the P-51 Mustang. This time the authors focused on the planes used in Europe, choosing the following schemes:

- Mustang III FZ111, coded WC-V, usually flown by F/L Mieczysław Gorzula; No. 309 (Polish) Squadron, No. 133 (Polish) Wing, based at RAF Andrews Field, UK, May 1945,
- Mustang IV KH663, coded PD-L, usually flown by W/O Leszek Bisanz; No. 303 (Polish) Squadron, 3rd Polish Fighter Wing, based at RAF Hethel, UK, 1946,
- Mustang IVA KM112, coded PD-D, assigned to S/L Witold Łokuciewski; No. 303 (Polish) Squadron, 3rd Polish Fighter Wing, based at RAF Hethel, UK, 1946.
All planes are presented and described in a 12 page, full-colour guidebook, which also includes five archive photos. One of the aircraft carries attractive nose art applied by the crew.
The 210x140 mm decal sheet was printed by Cartograf. It includes individual and national markings for all three schemes.

At the beginning of the 1930s Britain was obliged not to build new battleships due to signed naval treaties. Standard displacement for any new battleship was limited to 35,000 tons with the calibre of main armament not exceeding 406 millimetres.
Britain was trying to impose the next treaty decreasing guns calibre even further to 356 mm.
Five King George V-class battleships eventually were armed with guns of such calibre.
Standard displacement limits compelled placing main guns in three separate turrets with two of them carrying four cannons each. King George V-class entered service in 1940. Out of the five battleships of this class ever built one was sunk (HMS Prince of Wales) while the other four survived the war and were scrapped in the 1950s.

This book by Witold Koszela starts with the set of perfectly made detailed line drawings/scale plans of all King George V-class vessels.

All books are available from the Kagero site but they are now available from their distributors Casemate Publishing and MMD Squadron as well as other retailers in various countries.