Friday, September 27

MiniArt on the slide? - Not according to this - a new take and an improvement in quality from the Ukraine.

It seems MiniArt are on the improve - from their beginnings of kits that “needed some work” to their latest kit they have announced as an example. OK this kit features their fave subject – Soviet Infantry – but the features of this kit rival anything that Dragon and Tamiya are producing now-days – and in some ways bests them both. Let’s look at the set in our preview to see why..

Forthcoming Kit from MiniArt…
BOX: 260x162x35 mm
This is a box containing five figures of Soviet Infantry from WWII. There are four infantrymen and their officer – doing nothing more dramatic than walking down the road. Nice to see a non-dramatic kit along with some of their “action” kits.
We looked at some of the other impressivesets in this current generation of MiniArt figures – it seems this wasn’t just a one off and they want to raise the bar. Just like they have for their softskins and small armour which is detailed incredibly..

Made up of 142 parts on SIX sprues – two featuring the soldiers and the other four representing their equipment. This is choice like we have not had it before. Only companies like MasterBox (also from the Ukraine) offer this variety of weapons in a kit with five figures. This gives you a choice of all this weaponry!!

The soldiers can mix and match weapons with these to choose from
You can see by these pictures the slide moulds in action and the added detail which is being applied to MiniArt’s new generation of kits..
Photos of the sprues of the personal equipment..
Weapons sprues…

Photos of  figures made and painted – very nice- notice different faces here as well - there is a level of improvement to my eyes...
This impressive set will be available in the near future from MiniArt’s Distributors worldwide