Thursday, September 26

Revell has just too many sub-types to list in their excellent September releases - here are the best of the bunch..

Revell of Germany has a bunch of new kits this month – we picked the best quality release of the bunch and thought we could show you them in today's September items from Revell preview.

Revell  September Releases

All of these kits are available this month through Revell’s many outlets around the world.

Model details
Scale  1:24
Release date            09/2013
No. of parts    125
Length           171 mm
Skill Level      3
For many years the Volkswagen Beetle was the car in which everything began. Innumerable young people learned to drive in it; innumerable people drove it as the first car in their lives. Over the years improvements were continually being made to the car in order to keep the Beetle competitive. By 1968 the Beetle had reached a standard that always kept it ahead of the competition. The former 1131cc engine became a 44 hp 1500 cc engine. Front disc brakes and a new semi-trailing-arm rear axle held its temperament in check. The headlamps were now vertical and it was possible to fill up the tank through a side flap.

The kit features:
- True-to-original bodywork with fine surface features
- Separate movable bonnet
- Multi-part detailed four cylinder horizontally opposed engine
- Optional trailer coupling
- Detailed interior with dashboard, individual seats and rear bench seat
- Movable wheels
- Includes vase for dashboard
- Various chrome parts including bumper bars, wheel rims, door handles and wing mirrors
- Imitation rubber tyres
- Instructions and authentic decals with various registration marks

Model details
Scale  1:72
Release date            09/2013
No. of parts    39
Length           148 mm
Wingspan      202 mm
Skill Level      3
Introduced in small numbers in the spring of 1945 as a high altitude escort fighter, the Ta 152 H proved to be the most powerful piston engine fighter in the Luftwaffe. The production fighter aircraft with pressurized cockpit could achieve a maximum speed of 730 km/h (453 mph).
The kit features:
- Structured surfaces
- Pilot figure
- Landing gear optionally extended or retracted
- Movable propeller
- Decal Set for a Luftwaffe Ta 15

Model details
Scale  1:72
Release date            09/2013
No. of parts    157
Length           142 mm
Skill Level      5
The T-90 is the most up-to-date battle tank in the Russian army. The 125 mm smooth bore cannon fires classical types of ammunition as well as guided missiles. The T-90 which has been produced since about 1995 is a radical development based on the T-72. The low profile, reactive armour type Kontakt-5 and automatic protection system TShU-1 Schtora-1 provide higher protection. The latter should fool oncoming guided missiles. The powerful 735 kW (1000 hp) 12-cylinder Diesel engine gives the T-90 high maneuverability  In addition to the Russian army India also uses the T-90.
The kit features:
- New model tool
- Optional T-90, T90K or T90S
- Fine surface details
- Two-piece track which bends
- Smoke grenade discharger
- Authentic 12.7 mm NSV MG
- Reactive armour
- TSchU-1 Schtora-1
- Rotating turret
- Hatches can be shown open
Decals for 3 vehicles:
- T-90K, Russian Armed Forces, 2011
- T-90S, Indian Armed Forces, 2004
- T-90, Russian Armed Forces, 2005
Model details
Scale  1:32
Release date            09/2013
No. of parts    435
Length           498 mm
Wingspan      349 mm
Skill Level      5
The Euro Fighter Typhoon was designed as a new generation high performance multi-role fighter aircraft. By early 2013, more than 350 Eurofighters had been delivered. Due to the large proportion of carbon fibre components and other advanced materials, the Eurofighter - in the Royal Air Force often simply referred to as the Typhoon - is very light and has excellent stealth characteristics. The two-seat versions have the same combat capabilities as the single-seaters and were initially used for training purposes, until special squadrons were established for air-to-ground missions. With a top speed of in excess of Mach 2.0 the Euro Fighter dominates both long and short range air-to-air combat as well as air-to-ground missions. For an enemy, the aircraft is difficult to locate due to its low radar signature and the use of non-metallic materials. The strength of this weapon system is based on a balanced combination of properties such as extreme agility due to its aerodynamic design and high performance engines, weapons, sensors, automated data management and low radar signature. The Euro Fighter impresses with its extreme maneuverability. 
It is designed primarily as an air superiority fighter for airspace protection and is equipped for this role with a mixed armament of powerful short and medium range air-to-air missiles. For advanced air-to-ground missions, the Euro Fighter carries a large load of weapons on functionally adapted weapons stations. The Euro Fighter not only combines innovative and advanced technologies, but is also an International Program of great political and economic importance. A Weapons System Officer supports the pilot during missions in the two-seat fighter-bomber role. This system is already being practiced in the RAF and trained for in the German Air Force.

The kit features:

- Two-seat Cockpit with Instrument Panel
- Eurofighter with a detailed EJ200 engine

- Finely structured surfaces with recessed panel joints

- Detailed 11 Piece Ejection Seat
- Detailed Cockpit
- Moveable Canard Wings
- Detailed Air Intakes
- Two configurations for the Thrust Jets with individual Jet-pipes

- Detailed Large Air Brake (extended or retracted)

- Detailed Undercarriage with finely detailed retraction struts
- Detailed Undercarriage Bay
- Separate Ailerons and Flaps
- Separate Ruder

- Detailed ECM Pods

- Air Refuelling Probe extended or retracted
- Two External Tanks
- Pylons
- 4 METEOR Guided Missiles
- 4 AMRAAM Guided Missiles
- 2 Sidewinder Guided Missiles
- 2 IRIS-T Guided Missiles
- 2 ASRAAM Guided Missiles for the RAF Version
- 2 Laser Guided Bombs
- a choice of two TAURUS Guided Weapons
- 2 STORM SHADOW Guided Weapons for the RAF Version
- Super-detailed EJ200 Engine
- Detailed Spacing Rings and Heat Shields
- Servicing Rig for the EJ engine with detailed support profiles and suspension links
- Super Decal Set for the Bundesluftwaffe and RAF versions

Model details
Scale  1:72
Release date            09/2013
No. of parts    896
Length           550 mm
Height            470 mm
Skill Level      5
Even today people fall under the spell of piracy. Who does not know those tales from the 16th to the 18th centuries when the lawless pirates plied their evil trade, particularly in the Caribbean and off the coasts of South America. Insidiously they attacked ships in the search for gold, silver and coins and then disappeared under cover of darkness. The pirates stowed their booty in safe hiding places on one of the many small secluded islands. There they also sought refuge from the Spanish, British and Portuguese warships. The pirates were a law unto themselves. Their badge was the "Jolly Roger" the pirate flag known throughout the world.

The kit features:

- Typical pirate ship from the 16-18th centuries, as shown in current pirate films

- Rigging yarn for the running and standing gear

- Textured sails
- Decks with wood finish
- Textured hull in two halves
- Detailed deck superstructures
- Two anchors
- Rowing boat
- Artillery guns
- Multi-piece masts with yards
- Shrouds
- Swan figurehead
- Decorative square stern
- "Jolly Roger" flag chart
- Decorative display stand

Model details
Scale  1:48
Release date            09/2013
No. of parts    168
Length           164 mm
Wingspan      253 mm
Skill Level      5
From early in 1917 until the end of the war the Royal Flying Corps had, in the form of the Bristol F.2B an agile fighter for use over France. The solid bi-plane construction soon proved to be a big success and the success rate increased in direct proportion to pilot experience. Fitted with the Rolls-Royce 275 Bhp Falcon III engine, the pilot had a forward firing 7.7 mm Vickers MG and the Observer a rotatable Lewis Gun of the same calibre. A total of around 5329 of these aircraft were built. The F.2B remained in service with many Air Forces until as late as 1930.

The kit features:
- Finely Structured Surfaces
- Detailed Cockpit with Control Column
- Instrument Panel
- Vickers Machine Gun
- Detailed Engine Cowling
- Detailed Struts
- Under-Wing Attachment Points for External Loads
- 8 Bombs
- Rotating Propeller
- Lewis Gun Mount
- Decal Set for two British Versions:
- Bristol F.2B, C-4630, No.62 Squadron RFC, France, spring 1918
- Bristol F.2B, B1134, "19", No.35 Squadron RFC, France, February 1918

Model details
Scale  1:72
Release date            09/2013
No. of parts    42
Length           165 mm
Skill Level      4
The mini-sub "Seehund" was the end result of a development of simple weapons of attack by the German navy towards the end of the Second World War. Due to its slim shape, which could not be located by the then sonar, its quiet engine and good seaworthiness, the German navy had great hopes for the operation of this little weapon of war. The 285 built sank 93,000 GRT of enemy shipping and the French destroyer "La Combattante". A single voyage could last up to seven days, which made enormous demands on the physical and mental reserves of the two crew members.
The kit features:
- Hull in two halves showing welded seams
- Detailed propeller and helm
- Periscope
- Two lateral torpedo tubes
- Display stand
- Decals for U-5022, Kiel, 1945
and U-5316, North Sea, 1945Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers.
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