Wednesday, September 25

Mirror Models and LZ Models new items – some amazing detail on show that will impress you…we promise

Our good friend Libor is the creative and technical drive behind both LZ Models – with their mostly resin kit of rail and AFV’s and conversions and his latest spin-off “Mirror Models” which brings the same amazing quality to injection moulded kits – many of which we haven’t seen before. Check out their latest products on our news to see the quality of their latest products...

New products from LZ Models

120 resin parts
350+ PE parts (including shell mounts, ammo cartridges)
+ Plastic parts, wires, finely reproduced ammunition and equipment
assembly instructions on CD - or they can be downloaded at the LZ Site.
LZ models bring this Hetzer conversion to be used with the Tamiya middle production Hetzer kit, but it will also fit on Dragon or Academy kits - however correct type of wheels and tracks should be used then. Their set contains full PE details to replace original parts from any plastic kit used as a base, but everyone can choose details required - simply original kit parts can be used for mudguards, side skirts, mounts and holders etc. - PE details can be used instead of the original kit parts to create most detailed and eye catching result - 120+ resin parts, 300+ PE parts


New stuff from Mirror Models this September..

Brand new wheel sets
 - 1/35 Accurate and detailed set of wheels for CMP, British and various trucks used in Europe in WWII period,
18 plastic parts + 5 silicone rubber tyres. Another add to truck load, diorama or to replace poor wheels of various older plastic kits

5 variants available:
MM35011 1/35 Dunlop 10,5x16 wheel set 
MM35012 1/35 Dunlop 9,5x16 wheel set 
MM35013 1/35 Dunlop Track Grip 9x16 wheel set 
MM35014 1/35 Firestone 10,5x16 wheel set 
MM35015 1/35 Good Year 9,5x16 wheel set 
Tyre set 1 - 1/35 5 pieces of assorted silicone rubber tyres used on British, CMP and many other vehicles during WWII and after - excellent add to truck load or diorama

Full plastic kit with superb details,  30+ plastic parts, PE Ammo tray provided with the kit together with a few optional little details to replace plastic parts if wanted. Ammunition and Ammo boxed nicely moulded in plastic. Contains 2 full kits
As well as these two new releases these two kits are coming in October from Mirror Models in 35th scale – the Chevy C60L GS and Diamond T 969 wrecker.  – We are looking forward to these very much – they will be the next kit quite a few people make we are sure!

The Chevy...

And the Diamond T...
Look at that detail!
More news from these two companies of Libor's when it arrives! Till then check out the LZ Model & the Mirror Models websites and Facebook pages..