Thursday, September 26

Review: Eduard's Brassin range 1/48th scale Spitfire 500lb bomb set

Eduard’s Brassin series reviews of the spitfire continue with another of Gary’s reviews of their latest improvements to their already pretty good Spitfire kit in 48th scale – today it is Brassin Spitfire 500lb Bomb Set
Eduard Brassin Spitfire 500lb Bomb Set 1/48
Kit No: 648 109
1/48 scale
Resin parts: 6
Photo Etch parts: 1 fret

Stencil Decals x 1 sheet
Available from: Eduard directly & most model shops

Most pilots who flew the Supermarine Spitfire will agree that it was a great aircraft, easy to fly and with no nasty surprises for even a ham-fisted driver. But when we began adding external gadgets for which it had not been designed, such as fuel tanks and bombs, problems began to emerge. New terms crept into our vocabulary, such as "aileron up-float" and "air locks". When dive-bombing began, maximum permissible airspeed was stressed, which I seem to recall was 457 mph. (Flight Lieutenant William “Bill” McRae)
“There can be no doubt that flying heavily bomb-laden Spitfires on ground attack sorties against a determined, disciplined, and dug-in foe was a very dangerous occupation. Consequently, many brave and skilled pilots were lost over Northern Italy during the last hard-fought months of World War Two. Many of these men are now buried in the war cemeteries dotted around the Po valley, Ravenna, Venice, and Bologna, but many more still remain undiscovered along with the wreckage of their aircraft.”

This testament from the Battle of Britain Memorial site speaks something to the suitability of the Spitfire as a bomber.  

The later model Spitfires (from the Mk.V onwards) were capable (with the addition of wing pylon mount points) of carrying a mixture of external fuel tanks and bombs on the wings and fuselage center line.
The 500lb bomb could only be carried on the centerline station and each wing station could carry a single 250lb bomb or 120lb smoke charge. 

Eduard provides the modeler with a single 500lb bomb (with appropriate rack) in the 648 109 Brassin set. The bomb itself consists of 4 parts on two blocks whilst the centerline rack is provided as 2 parts each on their own sprue.

The set is rounded out with a small PE fret and decal sheets for weapon stencils.
The casting in particular the bomb fin is very fine (and delicate) in 1/48 scale. As you can see from the photo the review set had a slightly damaged fin (the broken part was in the box and will be easily re-attached with CA glue).

The general shape and size of the bomb looks to me to be accurate when compared to wartime photos of operational Spitfires
The parts for the centerline rack to attach the bomb to the Spitfire fuselage are provided on two sprues
Assembly again is very straightforward, the instructions are clear and the hardest part will attaching those tiny PE parts.
This wartime photo clearly shows the size difference between the 500lb and 250lb bombs as they are loaded onto a Spitfire prior to a sortie.
Eduard continues to produce high quality extras for its 1/48 Spitfire kit allowing the modeler to depict just about any configuration of one of the worlds most beloved aircraft. If you are looking to “load-up” your Eduard Spit then do so using accessories that match the quality of the original kit in every way. Highly recommended.

Gary Wickham
Thanks to Eduard for sending us this kit to review