Sunday, November 17

Bronco make tracks - and four other kits up for us to show you their quality

Bronco have built up four of their latest releases so we can better see their quality - what better to do on a lazy sunday than check them out?

Bronco Models November/December releases..

CB35164 The Italian Staff Car w/Crew "Libya"

This little staff car is the fourth incarnation of their popular small Italian car - this time with a couple of Italian crew and markings to match. The tops is down on this version as well.

CB35125 CV33 series II early version

The Carro Veloce CV33 (later renamed the tank L3/33) was a light tank (actually for armament and sizes, plus a tankettes) Italian developed between the two world wars, from the pattern of the chariot British Carden-Loyd Mk VI tankettes. It serves before - during and even after the second world war in several theatres so this - the fourth variant from Bronco has heaps of possibilities for modellers.

AB3564 BT-7 track link

Suitable for the Soviet produced BT-7 tracked series of vehicles. These tracks bend and roll naturally and improve on your older tracks.(unless you have some Rfuil tracks that is)

Bronco CB35168: OQF 6pdr Anti-tank Mk.IV on Carriage Mk.III (airborne) W crew
Manufacturer:  Bronco Models
Code Number:  CB35168
Scale: 1:35 Scale
Item type:  Military vehicle kits (injection)
full infantry support weaponry included
Photo etched and "cable" included
The kit features a full crew and separate rounds. There is also a set of ammo carriers being made to suit this kit.
And here is the full set all built up..

CB35169: British Airborne Troops riding in ¼ ton truck & trailer
This is another release we are not 100% sure of – as the box says it is without figures but this – the third release of the Jeep from Bronco seems to us to include not only the 8 figure from the British Parachute Regiment  but also the trailer for all of their gear – it would go well with a Horsa glider wouldn’t it???

We have some pictures 0f the built up kit to show you just how it all looks when it's together - this is the best way to see the crew hanging off the jeep.
We will bring you a look at these when they arrive but until then for more from Bronco check out their website...