Tuesday, November 19

Uschi‘s internals are on display – and they are rather “woody” lookin’

Did you by happenstance see the build of the HK B-17G by David Parker of AIR Modeller Magazine? It used Uschi Van Der Rosten’s Woodgrain decals to simulate the real thing on the floor and some other surfaces of this large kit. Now in a logical turn of events Uschi has boxed up a set just for this purpose….

Often the quality of the timber used on the interior of aircraft differ from those used on the exteriors. The floors, boxes and furniture of for example a B-17 would not undergo the strain of – let’s just say the outside skin of a fighter plane.
Recently Uschi’s wooden sets were used on a well-publicized B-17 in 32nd scale and it caught a lot of people’s attention. To make sure we can all have a go at re-creating a set like this, Uschi has mad their own sets of woodgrain decals for the internal spaces in the B-17 in 32nd scale.

Everything you would find that was made of wood in this plane can now actually look like wood. The ammo boxes, radio and navigator’s tables, boxes and the floors can now look just like they should with these conforming decals.

You can get them at their site – we are pretty sure they will be popular with the owners of these big kits. They even have some reference pictures of the build by David Parker and the actual plane as well.

The set contains 5 various textures, coming in pale and rich. So they will have 10 different textures in all. You can get them by following this link: