Friday, November 22

Verlinden's dinner under the stars is joined by two untidy tankmen and a SEAL this month..

This month Verlinden goes deep into the Jungle in Vietnam in “large scale” operations, they get to work on their panzer garage with tools and equipment strewn everywhere and they stop for a well-earned dinner – but dressed as allies this time…

Verlinden items for November 2013

This dude’s enemies better “run to the Jungle,” as the SEAL man is brandishing a pump action shot gun that he looks ready and willing to use. Sculpted in 1/16th scale (120mm) this resin figure of 13 parts that makes up this special forces soldier of the Vietnam conflict era – though as a SEAL he may well be “over the border” if you know what I mean…

His Remington shotgun is ready to fire ( wouldn’t it look cool with shot coming out in a vignette) and you can see him in jungle fatigues, high ankle jungle boots, a smoke and frag grenade, a water flask with a self-defence colt.45 in the holster on his hip.

This resin set of tens of parts features two panzermen repairing what was once left of their engine. The parts for the engine repair lay all around them as they get right into what they are doing. The figure comes with not only the two figures and HEAPS of equipment but a desk and table as well. Several detailed parts here in the one set make it a great buy

The US alternative to last month’s “Panzer dining experience” as a marketer would call it. This month we see a couple of GI’s with different containers and food noshing in the same way as their enemies.
included in the main course are food on plates, like bread, cheese and vegetables as well as cups and saucers, pots and pans, cooking and cutting knife, jugs and bottles, tins and a table (of sorts)
Not only food and the two figures are included but there are  several canvas bits of stowage and rucksacks as well as “jerry” cans, entrenching tools and a nicely laid out jacket flat on the ground as well flesh out this diorama scene very well. It will be a most welcome set for modellers of allied dio’s

You can get all three of these Directly from Verlinden at the links provided above or their Distributors Worldwide