Friday, November 22

And now there are THREE! The F-104G in 32nd scale announced by AFV Club..

Just when you thought there were only two games in town for a 32nd scale F-104 Starfighter there are now THREE! Rejoice and be happy for AFV club and their Starfighter in 32nd scale

AFV Club F-104S Starfighter

32nd scale –
Projected release 2014

…IT looks like a full engine, detailed cockpit and radar array and rotary cannon – all in CAD right now but here is hoping – as with everything AFV club – that it is produced to their best quality and accuracy!
For those who weren't happy with Hasegawa and irked by the new Italeri there is a third option - the 100% new tooled kit from AFV Club looks like it is the match of the other two - but will it go one better?

More on this kit as it comes to fruition