Tuesday, December 24

"Drivers Lives" - and other tales from the eastern front from MiniArt

“Get out of the way comrade!!” –“no! I'm baptising this radiator!” – “Well I'm pumped!” – “And I'm turning mad”, and I'm just bludging holding some tools in a pose – plus many other stories from a roadside in WWII by some Red Army Drivers from MiniArt

MiniArt latest 2014 releases
Kit contains 46 parts making five figures.
Box: 260x162x35 mm

The latest kit from MiniArt features five figures from the Red army driver’s corps – all doing what they need to do to keep their motors running. There are forty six parts in grey styrene which MiniArt have put together to show us what it takes to be a Red Army Driver. 
This “bolshy” bloke is seen stepping out of the cab waving his arm to clear the road. He’s seen with his mouth wide open wearing the latest styles of the eastern front – Telegroica padded pants and jacket and a woollen “Ushanka” hat.
There two bludgers think no one knows what they are up to – pretending their truck is not working whilst their comrades struggle in the front lines! Both wearing Russian fatigues and a side forage cap the left figure is winding the starter whilst the right man is just having a rest with his rag whilst he looks at why the engine isn’t turning over.

This comrade is either trying to grow flowers under the hood or he is filling a radiator – we all know pepper and egg whites seal a busted radiator! His comrade on the far right we can only see half of him – but he is either blowing up some dynamite or pumping up a tire! I’ll settle for option two on this one…
These figures will be available in the New Year – keep tuned here for the review when we build them up for you. Until then check out MiniArt’s site for more like this.