Wednesday, December 25

New Cad drawings of the 32nd scale "Gunship" B-25 from HK Models

New Cad pictures of the development work on the “Gun Nosed” B-25H variant that is to be released late January 2014 has been released – Scant info for now but there would have been a bit of new tooling that has held up release, but the wait is almost over..

B-25 Mitchell H “Gun nose”
HK Models
1/32nd scale
Kit No: 01E03
Release date: End January 2014
B-25 Mitchell is an American twin-engine medium bomber and manufactured by North American Aviation. It was named in honour of General Billy Mitchell – the pioneer of US military aviation. B-25 Mitchell was used in every theatre in World War II and as well as many other air force after the war ended. By the end of the war, this aircraft had completed over 300 missions. The project of B-25 was a descendant of the earlier XB-21 (North American-39) at the mid-1930s. Using the experience gained in developing XB-21 aircraft was eventually used by North American in designing the B-25 (called the NA-40 by the company). With several modifications after one NA-40 was built. Being done to test a number of potential improvements which included Wright R-2600 radial engines and which become standard on the later B-25.
 Used primarily during World War II from mid-1944 and into 1945, the H model of the B-25 contained a 75mm cannon in the nose, hand-loaded by the navigator-cannoneer, that was fired by the pilot simultaneously along with four .50-cal. machine guns mounted in the nose (each with 400 rounds per gun), plus either two or four more machine guns mounted in pods on the sides of the cockpit (also with 400 rounds per gun)
Kit Details
1/32 scale
Authentic Surface Detail
Over Half Million Rivets
Highly Detailed Wright R2600 Engines
Detail Cockpit and Bomb-bay
Colorful Markings
Wing Span; 643mm;
Length: 547.7mm
Containing 514parts

We will have a full review of this kit once it hits the market..