Tuesday, December 17

Evolution Miniatures new figures are a complete whitewash!

They don’t just get white by themselves do they? During the winter in the years of WWII the soldiers on the frontline often whitewashed their vehicles to help conceal them from the enemy – well Evolution Miniatures has made a new set of three soldiers in 35th scale that represent just this, let’s have a look at them in our preview…

December 2013 releases from Evolution Miniatures
Three new release form Evolution this December paint a “blanc” portrait of German tankmen whitewashing their vehicle – here are some Germans doing just that on the “Ostfront” during the late stages of WWII…
EM-35091 SS Tankman WW2 (Winter painting of tank) Set-2
Seen getting to the task at hand with his whitewash brush – this German tankman carries a bucket with handles of wire to keep scale correct but otherwise is constructed of resin parts. He is seen wearing the thick reversible parka with camo’d outside (oak leaf?) and white on the other side. He also wears the crusher type forage cap on his head while he has a smoke and paints it up!

EM-35089 SS Tankman WW2 (Winter painting of tank)
Seen carrying the bucket to the scene of the crime this tanker is made from resin with just the wire handle again. He wears the flat feldmütze cap on his head whilst the torso is adorned with the short tanker’s black jacket.
He wears thick camo reversible padded pants which are in keeping with the weather whilst on his rear left hip he wears a pistol in it’s holster. He really looks like he doesn’t want to be doing any of this by the body language he is displaying!

EM-35088 SS Tank commander WW2
This man wants the job done! He is either stretching or making up for an inadequacy here as he appears to be taller than he really is with an arched back. He wears and officer’s crusher type visor with his body all covered with his tankers overalls. This is broken up by his double holed officers belt on his waist.
The fall of the overalls is very nicely done here as is the imperious look and body language of the tank commander as he observes the real workers getting to it!

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