Tuesday, December 17

Swedish Thunderbolt is just about to strike!

Tarangus from Sweden surprised no one when they released news on their 48th scale Viggen that is in the works – simply because of the importance of this Swedish fighter to a company that makes primarily Swedish aircraft – now that the date is imminent of the kit’s arrival we have a press release and shots of the kit in test to add to the rolling preview..

Tarangus Saab 37 Viggen in 1/48 scale news:

Just in - Press release for the Saab 37 Viggen in 1/48 scale from Tarangus/MPM

Tarangus and MPM announces the first test shots of the forthcoming Saab 37 Viggen in 1/48th scale!

“The Viggen is an iconic aircraft which has been somewhat neglected from a modeling perspective.

There hasn’t been a new kit for at least 30 years”, says Fredrik Zetterberg from Tarangus.

“We had considered making the Viggen for some time when we were approached by Tarangus”, says Jiri Silhanek, CEO of MPM, “it was just a golden opportunity for both companies.”
 MPM is a well known brand for modelers worldwide, having produced many classic kits with an ever improving quality for many years. Tarangus is a younger company, specializing in aircraft with a history in the Swedish Air Force. Together they have developed the new 1/48 scale kit.

Tarangus will release the first version, the JA 37 fighter version, in the first months of 2014. The MPM versions will follow in early summer 2014. In 2015, Tarangus will release the final versions.
 The kit is designed using the same CAD system used by Airbus and thus ensures a perfect fit of the parts. The design, combined with the smart layout of the parts in the steel mould, ensures that all versions will be possible to make. This includes all the differences between the versions, including the longer fuselage of the JA 37 Viggen fighter version and the different spine of the two-seater Sk 37.
 “We’re very happy to work with MPM on this kit. Tarangus has previously only used short run technology for its kits, but the Viggen deserved an all metal mould”, continues Fredrik Zetterberg, “and the result is actually better than I dared hoping for!”

“We look forward to this kit”, says Jiri Silhanek, “and hopefully it’s the start of a beautiful relationship!”

And the pictures of the test kit....
..Well it sounds like a happy marriage – lets hope they have lots of offspring!

More on this kit as it arrives with us!

For more information about Tarangus, please go to www.tarangus.se or facebook. Till we know more we at TMN will keep you posted!

Previous Pre-sale news on the 1/48th scale Viggen from Tarangus:

Tarangus was founded in 2009 by Fredrik Zetterberg, a sales professional with a modelling and aviation passion, and Max Nykvist, founder and owner of Rebell Hobby and Maestro Models. Tarangus is focused on subjects with a history in the Swedish Air Force. The first kit released was the Saab A 32A Lansen in 1/48 scale. Tarangus kits can now be found in hobby shops worldwide. Tarangus also has an active community on Facebook and a website which not only covers the kits, but also accessories to the kits from other manufacturers. There are also reference galleries and updated instructions. Tarangus aims at being the number one choice for modellers worldwide who are interested in Swedish subjects.    
As previously announced, Tarangus will release a new mould Saab Viggen in 1/48 scale in late September. This is the third 1/48 kit from Tarangus and the fourth overall. This is the first time that Tarangus will release a kit using only metal moulds.
- Metal moulds allow much larger series and even further improved detail, says Fredrik Zetterberg of Tarangus. The Viggen is truly a kit which only deserves the best mould technology. It's such a complex and complicated aircraft!
 Max Nykvist - the other half of Tarangus has said that their previous kits have been very well received,  and because Swedish subjects have been quite rare there is a huge interest in the Swedish Air Force and especially the Saab aircraft.
The first version to be released is the fighter, the Saab JA 37 Viggen. 
- Tarangus will, together with our partner MPM, release all versions of the Viggen. Tarangus will first release the JA 37 fighter version and then MPM will release their versions sometime next year, says Max Nykvist. Then we will release our last versions, the reconnaissance SH/SF 37 Viggen.  
The markings for the first versions of the Viggen will be one grey aircraft, one in natural metal finish and one in the famous splinter camouflage. 
- Apart from just releasing the kit itself, continues Fredrik Zetterberg, we will also have a reference gallery and a list of all JA 37 Viggens ever produced, with links to images, on the Tarangus website. Even though the JA 37 Viggen only served in the Swedish air force, it had more colour schemes and markings during its service than even I was aware of!    

Previous news on the 48th scale Viggen from Tarangus:
Tarangus from Sweden have recently brought out the graceful kit of the SAAB Lansen and now they let loose with one of a lot of people’s “favourite” list of aircraft - the SAAB JA37 Viggen in 1/48th scale. We were mulling over the various colour options - there are all great  and it is easy to find a reason to go with a single scheme..

The Viggen or “Thunderbolt” is not just one of my favourite aircraft – on meeting some pilots of the “Gripen” at RIAT this last year the ones who had flown the impressive fighter all loved it still. Indeed even though this was only used by one Airforce it will still be a good selling kit. Think of all the schemes you could paint it in – silver experimental – splinter camo for STOL operation, grey/grey for the 2000’s and special editions towards the end of service there is still a lot of variety to the colours that can be applied to this kit.
This video is just one of the reasons we love this plane..
Will the kit have a folding tail? or reverse doors on their tailpipe?
Nothing else yet to tell you – but we can tell you that they want to release the kit by the end of March

We will keep you posted!