Monday, December 2

Kittyhawk's Seasprite in 48th scale - set for Dec 20 release..

Time to put your old Revell kits away! Kittyhawk have plans to release the Kaman SH-2D &F Seasprite in 48th scale on the 20th of December so if you are lucky you might have a four bladed Xmas present. We have some new info on colour schemes from the boxart for you..
1/48th SH-2F from Kittyhawk
SH-2D  - Anti-submarine warfare helicopter, 20 conversions from earlier models
SH-2F – Anti-submarine warfare helicopter, powered by two 1,350 shp (1,007 kW) General Electric T58-GE-8F turboshaft engines. Improved version. Conversions from SH-2Ds and earlier models.

Good news for Helo buffs is that Floyd J Werner of "werner's Wings is listed here as an advisor on these helicopters - this can only bee a good thing as he is acnowleged as a leader in the field. ( and a great modeller no less) Photo Etched brass is included to replicate the finer details of this kit as well. IT should be a great kit!
Three versions of the helo on the decal sheets are:
1314 HSL-37 of the US navy

HSL-31, No 1039 of the US Navy
US Naval Air Test Center Patuxent River , Bu No 149750

Here are some earlier test shots of the Seaprite just on "finals
We have the latest pictures showing you the many features and excellent surface detail of this Seaprite. We hear that the Polish and New Zealand version of this helicopter is on the way as well. Fingers crossed!
We will give you more information on this great new kit as soon as it lands…