Monday, December 2

The defeat of 1815 and the anguish of Napoleon's Imperial Guard is the subject of CGS' latest release..

CGS Military Figures
have provided us with the new boxart of their latest bust – the famous French Imperial Guardsman in 1815 is the subject – he is sculpted by Carl Reid and painted just as skilfully by Painted by Man Jin Kim. We thought we would show you the new pictures…

Kit NO: CR02
Resin/cast metal eagle and hand with staff
Sculpted by Carl Reid
Painted by Man Jin Kim

Napoleon's Imperial Guard was one of the most famous military formations in history. The Imperial Guard could perform ceremonial duties as well as any, but it was primarily as an élite combat formation of the army that it excelled. Although it would expand to represent a considerable portion of France's military establishment, it remained Napoleon's personal guard and was accorded care and attention which set its members above the rest of the army. 

This bust is made from resin with a white metal eagle and hand with staff that looks like it is broken at the bottom, this pretty much echoes the soldier and his armies’ fate in the battle of Waterloo in 1815. This battle meant the end for Napoleon’s grand vision of Europa. 
Sculpted by the very talented Carl Reid this figure is beautifully detailed all around. His large fur helmet and leather cowskin backpack are very well detailed as is his face which is showing the pain and anguish of utter defeat.

 Man Jin Kim painted this figure for the box art, and you can see the detail and life he has brought to the face and the flag – the depth in the fur and gold areas of the inform and the delicate folds of the flag which looks just amazing to the eye.

Due to high demand for International Sales, all prices now include shipping to any destination worldwide.

You can get this bust from CGS directly at their website..