Friday, December 13

Preview: Meng’s new 1/35th scale French Super Heavy Tank Char 2c built up

MENG has sent pictures of their latest heavy land battle ship on tracks - the massive French Char 2c. IT has been finished by MENG’s modellers and we thought it only proper to show you what’s coming your way (Geez it’s big!)

Char 2C was a French super heavy tank designed in the last phase of WWI. It’s still the biggest tank ever taken into production in the world. It was developed by a French shipyard, Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée (FCM) located near Toulon. It had a crew of 12. Its main armament was a 75mm gun and auxiliary armament was four 8mm machine guns. It was 10.27m long and 3m wide with a loaded weight of 69t. It was powered by two German Maybach 250hp engines via electric transmission. It could drive at the speed of 12-15km/h. Its armour- 45mm at the front and 22mm at the sides- could stand the attack of anti-tank weapons in the 1920s and 1930s. Most interestingly, the 10 Char 2Cs ever produced were named after the ancient regions of France.
This 1/35 scale French Super Heavy Tank Char 2C plastic model kit precisely replicates the features of the first riveted super heavy multi-turret tank designed during WWI. Lights are provided with clear parts. All grilles of the engine compartment are represented in PE parts. Cement-free workable tracks are easy to assemble. Paint options are offered for three vehicles (No.90/93/97).

Total length: 293.2mm     Width: 85.2mm
This Giant Is More Massive Than Its Contemporaries With Beautiful Structure.
One-Piece Slide-Moulded Turret Is Perfectly Represented With Rivet Details.
The Giant Engine Compartment Has Rich Details And The Air Intake Grille Is Represented By Precise PE Parts.
Small Turret Is Moulded In One-Piece By Slide-Mould Technology To Ensure Structural Integrity And The High Level Of Detail.
Geometric Shape Of The Tank Is Represented Faithfully.
Unique Early Type Running Gear Is Reproduced As The Real Structure And Ball-Mounted Machine Guns Are Rotatable.
The Hull Is Delicately Represented With Rivet Details And The Grille Will Be Enhanced With PE Parts.
Workable Track Links Can Be Assembled Without Cement and It Is Movable After Assembly.
The Kit Contains Tan-Coloured Sprues, Black Track Parts, One Clear Sprue, One PE Fret And One Decal Sheet.
The colours included int he box...

This kit is available very very soon – check your local MENG Distributor to find out when you can get yours..