Saturday, December 14

Welcome to the Kasbah!

In what looks like one of MiniArt’s most complete and detailed diorama setting yet they take us to the Middle east with this set. I wonder who is through the keyhole….

BOX: 380x280x80 mm
Kit contains 255 parts
In 255 pieces this set includes nearly everything you could need to make your desert diorama. The kit nicely masks all sides of the action as well – and there are plenty of internal spaces looking out into the courtyard in this dio. Another good feature is that it look high so it will be most impressive on the modelling competition tables our your own display table at home – these are the parts


  And the injection moulded parts..
and here it is all made up – There is a smaller dio here from one of their previous sets – they have added to it to make it all the better with new parts – this should be a good seller for MiniArt and a good kit to make.

More on this kit from MiniArt when it arrives!