Friday, December 27

Preview – the Universal Carrier Mk.II from Riich Model

The Vickers Armstrong Universal carrier or as I would know it “Bren Gun Carrier” was used by all the allied factions in WWII in one variant or another – in fact it became the most produced armoured fighting vehicle in history! About time we had another kitting of it then!  - Well Riich Model has stepped up to the plate with their second offering of this iconic little British tankette.

Riich Models January 2014 Release

12 sprues grey styrene
1 sheet clear Styrene
2 Photo Etched Sheets
Thread + chain + springs and rod
7 markings choices…

The kit of the Universal Carrier Mk.II consists of over 425 plastic parts on 12 sprues moulded in grey styrene, 6 parts moulded in clear styrene and additional over 130 photo-etch detail parts on two frets.
Some model features in the highlights reel…

This 1/35 scale Universal Carrier Mk.II is based on the company's earlier release Universal Carrier Mk.I, but the bonus this time is the hull side and the towing hitch. They are brand new toolings. Other parts such as the front track guards, footsteps, headlight, spare road wheel, water can, oil can, late-style instrument panel, simplified gunner’s seat for MK.II are also fully detailed. There's widespread use of slide moulds to enable crisp detail. It also features highly detailed and easy-to-assemble track links. This creates many possibilities for dioramas and modellers. 
The sprues…
The PE and Decal sheet
Multimedia included..

7 markings included on the decal sheet for various carriers in WWII.
This little tankette will be out in January 2014 and available from Riich Model Distributors worldwide